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young couple playing in the snow Dating Over Christmas During Lockdown after seeing these winter date ideas

Winter Date Ideas

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There are so many amazing ideas for great dates during the warmer months. From walks along the beach, to picnics in the park. Dining al-fresco or watching the sun set from a hilltop. Yet it’s not quite that easy when it comes to planning dates in Winter. So with that in mind, today I’m sharing some Winter date ideas. Read on for some suggestions which may just impress your plus one.

*This is a partnered post.

Outdoor Winter Date Ideas

My first date with my ex husband involved us meeting on a cold January afternoon for a walk around a local lake. The weather was cool and crisp, and we got hot chocolate to go as we walked around the lake.

He’d told me I’d be fine in flat boots, but I really could have done with wearing my wellies or walking boots. We had a lovely stroll by the water, and enjoyed each other’s company. This was definitely a good date idea for a dry Winter’s day. Just make sure you’re both wearing appropriate footwear. For more Winter date ideas, carry on reading!

Cute couple about to kiss on a frosty woodland trail - Winter date ideas

Rainy Day Date Ideas

Life in the UK means there’s loads of rain. Especially in the Winter. This makes it tricky to plan outdoor dates in advance. That doesn’t mean its impossible though. There’s loads of great places to go which are still amazing in Winter. For example, Manchester’s Cloud 23 offers views of the City from 23 storeys up. So it’s an incredible place to have a date, no matter what the season.

The Cinema or Theatre are also good ideas for a rainy day. Although they don’t strike me as particularly different from a “typical” date.

Road Trip

Alternatively, Wiltshire dating could involve a trip to Lover Village. That’s right – a village called “Lover” – it doesn’t get much more romantic than that! How cute would a loved up photo by the village sign be as your new profile picture on social media! (Assuming you’re ready to go public as a couple, of course).

Star Gazing

Cold Winter nights are usually amazing for star gazing. So why not light the fire pit, bundle up under loads of blankets and watch the stars from your garden?

Winter date ideas - couple star gazing & seeing the Northern Lights.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could always go for a drive to find somewhere away from the light pollution you find in towns. Pack a couple of camping chairs, some thick blankets and a flask of warm drinks, and take in the amazing light show that Mother Nature has created. Time it right, and you could even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Crisp Morning Walk

If you’re the kind of couple who are up and about early, why not grab a couple of coffees “to go” and take in some of your area’s natural beauty? A walk along the local riverbank or canal can be stunning on a crisp morning. Alternatively, head to your local park and feed the ducks, before grabbing breakfast together. Who says dates have to happen in the evening? In my experience, childcare is easier to find for a few hours during the day than it is in the evening.

Finally, for more Winter date ideas, why not check out these tips for dating over Christmas.


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