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Socially Distanced Dating In Scotland

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This year has been challenging on most levels. However, dating has become even more of a challenge. So with that in mind, today I am sharing some tips on socially distanced dating in Scotland. If you’re looking for suggestions for dating in Scotland while socially distancing, read on. Please note, this post is based on the Scottish social distancing guidelines from December 2020.

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Socially Distanced Dating In Scotland

The type of socially distanced date you can have will vary massively depending on what Level you are in. Scotland currently has 5 levels. Zero being the lowest and 4 being the highest. If you’re in level 0-3, you can meet a person from another household for a meal.

This means you have to stick to the two metre social distancing rule until you are seated in the restaurant. From this point, the one metre social distancing rule applies. Hospitality venues are closed in level 4, so you can’t meet for a meal in these areas.

You can, of course spend time together doing outdoor activities which allow you to maintain 2 metres distance. So why not head off and explore some Scottish scenery on your bikes?Couple cycling down a road in the Scottish Highlands. A great idea for socially distanced dating in Scotland

Visiting each other’s homes

Scottish rules are very clear in that you should not be going into anyone’s home for non work reasons, if you don’t live (or bubble) with them. In Scotland, you can briefly enter someone’s home to gain access to their garden or use the toilet. This makes it easier to indulge in some home based socially distanced dating in Scotland, compared to England. So why not get the fire pit going and do some star gazing with your plus one.

Garden dating is something you can’t currently enjoy in England. This is because meeting in homes or gardens is banned there for anyone in tier 2 or 3. (Which is the majority of the country at present).

Socially Distanced Dating Options In Scottish Towns

The types of dates you can go on will vary from place to place, depending which level you are in. At present, Glasgow is at level 3, while the Scottish Borders are level 1. So Strathclyde dating will be very different from dating in Kelso, for example.

In Level 3 areas like Strathclyde, the risk level is classified as Very High. So all leisure and entertainment venues are closed. This includes places like cinemas, indoor bowling alleys, funfairs, snooker and pool halls, and casinos. Outdoor live events are also banned. This means you can’t have a Cinema or Theatre date in Level 3 areas.

Couple at the cinema, doing socially distanced dating in Scotland

Alternatively, in Level 1 areas like Kelso, more venues are available for you to take advantage of when planning a date. This includes funfairs, cinemas, snooker and pool halls and casinos, although nightclubs are still closed. Additionally, indoor and outdoor visitor attractions can also open. This means museums and libraries will also be at your disposal.

Planning A Date

In Scotland, travel rules are strict too, so bare this in mind if your date lives in a different area to you. The BBC say that:

By law, those in levels two and below should not travel into level three or four areas, unless the journey is essential. People should also not travel to or from other parts of the UK without a reasonable excuse.

People living in level two and below are also asked to minimise unnecessary journeys between areas in different levels.

Assuming you’re allowed to spend time with your potential date, this post on Winter Date Ideas has some brilliant suggestions for you. Finally, if the prospect of dating without enjoying a goodnight kiss at the end is too much… Perhaps online dating is a better option for you? At least until Covid-19 restrictions have eased.



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