Your first Christmas together as a couple is always going to be a challenge. Whether you’ve been dating for 11 days or been exclusive for 11 months, it’s always going to be filled with uncertainty. Do you buy a gift or not? Should you opt for a “boyfriend” card, or is it too soon? With that in mind, today I’m sharing tome tips for new couples at Christmas. So read on to find out what my tips are.

*this is a partnered post.

Tips For New Couples At Christmas

Whether you’ve been together for 5 minutes or 5 years, it’s important to communicate with your partner when it comes to the festive season. Not just about gifts either. You need to discuss plans for when you’ll spend time together, if you’ll visit families as a couple or individually, and everything else too. So read on for some tips for new couples at Christmas.

Tips For Quality Time Together

Christmas is all about spending quality time with those you love. Under normal circumstances, there would be office parties, drinks with friends and family gatherings to navigate. So it’s important to decide in advance which events you will attend together, and when you’ll “fly solo”.

When my friend took the man she had met on a Lincolnshire dating site home to meet her parents for the first time, she expected her parents to be shocked by how they met. They were fine though, and 5 years on, my friend is now married to the guy she met online.

They are actually about to celebrate their baby’s first Christmas together, so I think Lincolnshire dating worked out well for them.

Young couple in sweaters sitting together on sofa with hot drink against Christmas-tree. - Having a great time after reading Tips For New Couples At Christmas

Don’t forget to set aside some time to spend as a twosome though. Family gatherings are all well and good, but quality time on a 1-1 basis is important as well. You don’t have to do anything exciting. A relaxing night of Netflix and chill may well be just what you both need. Especially if you’ve over – indulged on food and drink over the holidays.

Gift Budget

Way back in 2000, I’d been with my first boyfriend for just 3 months by the time Christmas shopping needed to be done. We were both students at the time, and hadn’t yet said “I love you”. So I asked him what he wanted to do. He suggested we buy each other a card and a token gift, with a set value. This worked really well for us.

Back in 2008, I’d been with my partner for 11 months. We’d already moved in together and were both big Christmas fans. He went insanely overboard and spent a small fortune. (Admittedly, he had plenty of surplus cash to spend, but I didn’t). I felt so bad on Christmas morning when he’d spoilt me rotten, but I hadn’t spent anywhere close to that on him. Of course, he didn’t expect me to, but that didn’t stop me feeling bad. Looking back, I think setting a budget would have been a great idea.

Christmas Card Dilemma

People may well say they don’t expect a card, but in my experience, they are rarely unappreciated. When I’d been with a partner for 3 months, we hadn’t said we were “boyfriend and girlfriend”, so I got him a “with love at Christmas” type of card. So when he gave me a “Girlfriend” card he’d put a great deal of thought into, I felt terrible. So take my advice and be sure to clarify your “relationship status” before Christmas.