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Online Dating – My Opinion

Relationships and Sex

One of my friends got divorced last year. She asked me recently what my thoughts were on online dating. This friend is a good 10 years older than I am… I had to laugh a little when I told her I was using dating websites long before she said “I Do” to Mr Wrong. I remember registering for Love at Lycos way back in 2005. Dating websites weren’t really talked about, back then. They were almost like a dirty little secret.

My Online Dating Experience

Things have definitely changed in the 13 years since then. Smartphones have made online dating a real time thing. It was all emails and then MSN once you felt brave enough back in my day.

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My friend said she had read this article, which suggested people weren’t being honest when they set up their profiles. She was worried people had exaggerated or lied on their profiles, which is why they aimed higher. I pointed out that the same could be said for someone you met in a bar. They could say they were a pilot, a divorcee or childless, when in actual fact, they were a stay at home dad, who’s wife was home babysitting?

I think when it comes to online dating, you have to be realistic. Keep your wits about you and take what people say with a pinch of salt… At least until you weed out the time wasters. Your inbox is likely to be filled of men wanting to exchange naughty photos with you. I’d advise blocking those members – unless that’s your kind of thing, of course! (Just don’t expect to share a honeymoon from them)!

Divorced Online Dating

I’ve never used divorced dating sites, but I suggested maybe she try one of those first, to avoid the younger crowd. (My friend wanted someone closer to her age, who didn’t want to make babies)! I think my friend was hoping I would talk her out of trying online dating, but instead, I encouraged her to give it a try!

She confessed at this point that she had already registered for we love dates, but hadn’t updated her profile. I helped her set it up and then the next day she phoned to update me on her online dating adventures so far… She said her inbox had been going crazy with messages, but most of them were unnecessary admin emails. Once she updated her notification settings, she only got a few emails telling her who had been checking out her profile.

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She said she’d liked the look of a few of the faces, but not quite enough to pay the membership fee. (You have to subscribe before you can read inbox messages from members). My friend says she will stick with it, and will join up if she gets an inbox message from someone she likes the look of. I’m quietly optimistic that online dating will help build her confidence, even if she doesn’t find My Right.

Have you tried online dating? I’d love to hear your experiences.

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