fear scrabble pieces

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about fear, and it got me thinking. People’s fears come in all shapes and sizes, so I did some reading and found some interesting things…

My Fears:

The thing I am most scared of is clowns. They have always scared me half to death. I’m not sure if it’s thanks to watching IT when I was about 8 years old, or if it’s something else, but I still – 25+ years Larter can’t be in the same room as a clown.

scary clown image

Even Ronald McDonald freaked me out as a child. I remember my Nanna buying me a china clown doll when I was about 12 years old, and I had to put it into a shoe box, tape the box up with parcel tape, put that box into another box and then tape that one up and put it under my bed before I could go to sleep. When I cleared out my late mum’s house 2 years back, I found those boxes and they went straight to the tip – I couldn’t face opening the box up!

I don’t particularly like spiders, but I wouldn’t run from the room screaming if I saw one. They eat flies, and that’s a plus in my book!

My son’s future is definitely something I worry about, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fear. Me dying before he’s an adult and settled in life ranks up there, though. (He’s got Autism and needs a lot of care and support).

Other People’s Fears:

Tanya from Cracked Nails and Split Ends fears children choking, and shared an amazing video from St Johns Ambulance which explained what to do should that ever happen to you. I did a first aid course many years back which focussed heavily on choking, but it was still good to refresh the theory watching the 40 second clip!

Rebecca from I always believed in futures agrees with me when it comes to clowns, but she also fears spiders, being burnt alive and drowning.

spider in its web

Tackling Fear:

What can you do when it comes to overcoming fear? For my clown phobia, avoidance is definitely the plan of action! I cross the street if I see one, decline party invites if I get wind of a clown attending, etc.

When it came to spiders, I just accepted their place in the food chain. I focussed on the fact they get rid of the flies which are a far bigger nuisance in my opinion. (Don’t get me wrong, I doubt I’ll ever hold a Tarantula but I can handle a common house spider now).

When it comes to stuff which is outside of my control, I just try to talk about my fears. I have mentioned previously what friendship means to me, and I think having someone to discuss your concerns with definitely helps. A problem shared is a problem halved, and all that.

If I had a crippling fear, I would definitely seek help for it. How do you tackle your fears?