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Book Review – Bye Baby Bunting by Tannis Laidlaw


Bye Baby Bunting by Tannis Laidlaw book coverIf you follow me on social media, you may already know that I am a huge bookworm. This means I have always got a book on the go, and frequently read several in a week. I said yes immediately when I was asked to be part of a blog book tour, recently. Read on to find out what I thought of Bye Baby Bunting by Tannis Laidlaw, in this book review

About The Book:

BYE BABY BUNTING is a psychological suspense novel, which explores 1960’s society’s attitudes to single parenting and adoption, as well as the laws that applied to birth-mothers, children and adoptive parents.

The story takes place in Auckland, New Zealand, Hawaii and Winnipeg, Canada between 1963 and the present.

I love how the book switches between different characters at different points in their lives. My own moral stance was really put through the wringer throughout the book. My opinion of the lead characters changed several times during the course of the story.

I found myself reading at 2am twice during the week it took me to finish the story, because I felt that the book gripping and addictive. The writer, Tannis Laidlaw has an amazing ability to paint a clear and visible picture in my mind of times and places I know nothing about. I didn’t just imagine a random town, I could see the landscapes, fashions and opinions so clearly, I felt like I had lived in New Zealand during the 1960s myself.

This book is well worth a read! It is available on kindle from today, and is free if you have Kindle Unlimited, or 99p if you don’t! Get your copy here!

All of the Blog tour information is below – feel free to check out other bloggers’ posts!

Blog tour information for Bye Baby Bunting by Tannis Laidlaw

About The Author: 

Dr Laidlaw has worn many hats in her career as a psychologist. Similarly, she has worked as a clinician in private practice, in psychiatric bins and in the prison service.  Dr Laidlaw’s insight is great. This is due to her experience as a researcher in schizophrenia, anxiety and psychopathy, amongst other things.

Tannis lives with her husband in Auckland, where she spends half of her time at a deserted beach in Northland. This is certainly the most tropical northern part of New Zealand.  In contrast, Dr Laidlaw spends half of her time in a remote cabin in the Canadian woods.

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