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Ten Facts About Reptiles

Ten Facts About Reptiles

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It’s #ReptileAwarenessDay, so day 21 of #Blogtober is celebrating that! The prompt for today is Unusual Pets, so I have chosen to share ten facts about reptiles. How many of these facts did you know before reading this post?

Ten Facts About Reptiles

1). It is believed The first reptiles evolved around 320 million years ago.

2). There are 4 main varieties of reptiles…
Turtles, (identified by their shells and slow metabolism).
Squamates, (Identified by the fact they shed their skin and have wide, opening jaws).
Crocodilians (which are the closest living relative to dinosaurs).
Tuataras (Which are only found on some remote islands around New Zealand).

3). Almost all reptiles lay shelled eggs.

4). The majority of reptiles are carnivores. The exceptions being Iguanas and Turtles.

Ten Facts About Reptiles

5). Reptiles breathe air – Even the swimmers! (Crocodiles, Turtles and Alligators).

6). All reptiles either have a shell or they are covered in scales – no fur in sight!

7). Almost all reptiles are cold blooded.

8). When comparing the size of brains relative to their body size; Reptile brains are much smaller than those of mammals.

9). Some reptiles have some pretty impressive self defence skills. These include camouflage, hissing, avoidance and biting.

Ten Facts About Reptiles

10). The gender of some reptiles is determined by the temperature while the embryo is developing.

What do you think?

So there you have it – Ten facts about reptiles! Are you a fan of them? I have to be honest, I’m not especially keen. I’ve held the odd snake, but meeting a crocodile and holding a lizard definitely aren’t on my bucket list.

It’s worth mentioning that although it’s relatively easy to buy most reptiles in the UK, They aren’t necessarily easy to keep. Most require an expensive vivarium, packed with equipment to keep them warm and healthy. You also have to feed the majority of them actual animals. That’s what puts me off them!

If you do decide to buy a reptile, please check out your local rescue centre first – plenty of them are looking for new homes after being boughton a whim and then getting bored.

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