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ten confessions about me

Ten Confessions About Me

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It’s day 20 of Blogtober and today’s prompt is: “Ten facts about you”. I’ve decided to share ten confessions about me, rather than boring facts you’ve probably seen before.

Here goes nothing!

Ten Confessions About Me

1). Mrs Hinch makes me want to cry. I hate cleaning and naming my cloths won’t ever change that!

2). I am pretty much the messiest person I know. It drives my husband crazy. I do tidy up – eventually. Not as often as some people though.

Ten confessions about me3). 90% of my wardrobe contents don’t fit me. It ranges from size 10 to size 18. I’m a 16-18. I won’t throw them away just in case I ever get back down to those sizes again. Even though most of the smallest pieces are 8 years old, and definitely not Mum wear.

4). My car is so full of dog hairs, nobody can sit on the back seat without coming out filthy. I’m not even sorry.

5). My daughter co-slept with us until she was 2 and a half. It was hell. She wouldn’t sleep anywhere except with me of her dad.

Co-sleeping was hell, you say?

6). I talk to my dogs more than I talk to people outside of these 4 walls…. Sometimes they answer!

Ten confessions about me

7). If I was given the choice between a free family holiday or 24 hours alone, I’d choose the latter.

8). I’ve never seen Star Wars! Or Cocktail!

9). I hated every second of breast feeding. It was painful, tiring, and draining.

10). I still slept with a teddy until I moved in with hubby.

There you have it – ten confessions about me! It feels good to get that lot off my chest!

Feel free to share a confession in the comments – no judgement here!

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Comments (5):

  1. Anne

    20/10/2018 at 1:00 pm

    haha, I’m no Mrs Hinch fan either, who’s got the the time to watch her videos and then go and clean! some people have too much time on their hands. I hear Mrs Hinch is newly married, I wonder how much she’ll clean when she’s a mum of 1 or 2! (5 in my case!)
    I co-slept with my three youngest until they were 2-3 yrs old. But I loved it, and at the time we were all in one bedroom so it made sense. When we moved and the older girls had their own room, I still had the Little Man in my bed even though he could have moved into his own room too. They are all brilliant for going to bed and sleeping now.

    • Tina @ GirlsGospel

      24/10/2018 at 10:26 am

      I think I hated it because I was so scared of SIDS. The health visitor made me feel like the most selfish person alive for doing it. X

  2. hazel jackson

    20/10/2018 at 5:20 pm

    Brilliant read.

    At one time we had both our sons and our dog in the same room as us, if it works do it I say, far better than cranky parents who can’t cope because they don’t sleep.

    And my wardrobe is the same, just in case!

    • Tina @ GirlsGospel

      24/10/2018 at 10:26 am

      Glad I’m not alone haha! I had my son in his cot in our room as we co-slept. Nowadays, we co-sleep with 2 boxer dogs. Gluttons for punishment haha.

  3. Stephie

    25/10/2018 at 12:16 pm

    I’ve started watching Mrs Hinch in the hope I will become tidy. Yet her house just looks cold and her voice is horrific sorry! I’m also a messy person which messes with my husband’s anxiety I do try but he has high standards! Star Wars and Cocktail are amazing!


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