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curry doesn't like me

Curry doesn’t like me


It’s day 22 of #blogtober and today’s prompt is vindaloo or korma – in honour of #NationalCurryWeek. In honour of that, I am sharing what is quite possibly something I should be embarrassed about. How curry doesn’t like me! Read on to find out why.

Curry Doesn’t Like Me

My mum was always a traditional British cook – you know the type… Meat and two Veg, Roast dinner every Sunday without fail, Turkey sandwiches for days after Christmas…

The first time I tried Garlic Bread, I was about 12, and I loved it. The only problem was, I stunk of it for days afterwards. The smell literally seeped from my pores. It was gross.

curry doesn't like me

When I was around 14, I tried my first Curry. It was a Tikka Masala. I enjoyed it, but again, I stunk of it for days. I don’t just mean a little bit either – I’m talking other people asking if they could smell curry around me. It was so embarrassing.

What Have I Tried?

I have tried everything. Google says drinking milk at the same time as the curry or garlic helps… It didn’t work for me.

Research has shown eating an apple right after garlic neutralises the enzymes which cause the smell and stop it lingering… Nope – that didn’t work for me either.

curry doesn't like me


I’ve tried mint, chewing gum, green tea, lemon, and tons of mouth wash as well. None of them work. It seems I have no choice but to wait for them to be digested before the smell disappears.

Some people say that sweating gets rid of it faster. Honestly, I’m not someone who sweats much anyway. I tend to get a heat rash and faint before I break into a sweat – weird body I have!

How I Manage It

If I eat a curry or a slice of garlic bread, I do so knowing I am going to stink of it for days afterwards. Thankfully for me, my hubby’s sense of smell is pretty rubbish. The smell knocks me sick though – to the point I have had curry once in the past 7 years.

That was last week, actually. It was a rubbish microwave meal – a Vegetable Biryani and I still stunk of it for 3 days after I ate it. My daughter didn’t see me eating it, and the next morning she asked me why I smelt so bad. Charming! I think it’s safe to say, “Curry doesn’t like me”!

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