Little Loves

Today, I am joining in with the lovely Morgana’s Little Loves linky – which is a showcase of all the things I read, watched, made, wore and heard in July.  The idea is, you take each of the headers and share your experiences from the past month (In this case, July – as I am a little late to the party)! So here goes…..


Her Greatest Mistake“, by Sarah Simpson.

This story is told by Eve – a successful psychologist who finds herself caught up in a violent and controlling marriage. Eve has a young son to think about, and has to plan hard to finally break free from her husband.

It’s her story of survival and escape. It was really hard to read at times, but I found myself unable to put it down. The story is full of twists and turns, as well as a couple of absolute “OMG” moments! This is a work of fiction, but I still find myself thinking about it even now – weeks after I finished it.

“Coalescence” by J.C. Hannigan.

After the heaviness of Her Greatest Mistake, I wanted to get lost in an easy to read romance novel. J.C. Hannigan didn’t disappoint. I have read all of her books, and have enjoyed all of them. Personally, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this one, as Coalescent sounded a little casual, but I am happy to report I was wrong! I read it in a record breaking TWO DAYS! Well done Jessica – it was just the tonic!


I have found summer viewing somewhat tedious this year! I’m not a soaps fan and I hate love island and big brother, so Summer tends to be all about the box sets for us. I am part way through season 1 of Life in Pieces on Amazon Prime, and oh my goodness, has it had me laughing! If you like comedy you can dip in and out of, go forth and watch it! Imagine tiny snippets of hilarity from one extended family, and because many of the moments are relatable on one level or another, it’s brilliant!


I’m not much of a maker, but I did manage to mend my daughter’s extremely chewed up bunny in July. That definitely earned me some super mum points!


I have definitely NOT worn enough sun cream! My sunburn has been ridiculous at times this year, and I really should know better. I smother the kids in the stuff, but always seem to forget about myself. I’ve wore my hair in a mum bun far too much as well, recently. I say it’s fairly acceptable though, considering it’s been too hot for much else.


The Annie soundtrack has been on almost none stop in the car, thanks to my daughter currently being obsessed with it. Leave the light by Tom Walker really struck home for me recently too. Have you heard it? I only play that when she’s not around though.

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