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This Mum Can – A New Monthly Linky celebrating all things MUM!


As a Mum, it’s difficult not to be critical of yourself… I think most mums will agree with that? Maybe you wish you could stay at home with the kids but have to work? Maybe you don’t get to take the kids to all the places they’d love? Perhaps you wish you could bake with your kids but have no idea which way up the cake tin goes?

None of that is relavent in this linky though… This Mum Can is about celebrating the stuff you CAN and DO do… Maybe you got the kids to school on time all week? Perhaps you remembered to buy the ingredients required for their cookery class? Maybe you found the toy they’ve been begging for at a bargain price? It may be something and nothing? But in that moment, you were Super Mum?

I love the #ThisGirlCan hashtag used to encourage women to be more active, and I have seen a few mums use #ThisMumCan alongside that. I thought using it to build each and every Mum up, and help us celebrate all the things us mums CAN do would be a great boost both on social media and on our blogs.

Let’s celebrate all our our accomplishments – no matter how big or small? Dads and Carers are welcome to join in too, of course… the # was just too long if I included everyone in there haha!

The link will run all month, so you have plenty of time to link your post up. This isn’t a super strict linky – just comment on what you can. Do remember though, that backlinks boost your DA – even if they are no follow! Commenting on others will help get your blog out there.

Each month, I will publish a new linky and feature 1 post from the previous month, which deserves a special shout out…

Seeing as how it’s month 1, I’m going to shout MYSELF out…..

Yesterday, my daughter’s beloved Thumper Teddy was pretty much destroyed by our dogs. After 2 hours of trawling the web, I accepted that the teddy is no longer available to buy. There were tears (from her, me and her dad), then poor Thumper’s remains were tied up inside a pillow case and washed at 30 degrees while my daughter painstakingly collected all the fluff from the garden.

We washed those by hand, and then I started the 3 hour process of stitching him back together… It was no mean feat, but I am happy to report Thumper is now back in 1 piece, and only looking slightly worse for wear for his ordeal. I was, of course SUPER MUM for the entire…. 5 minutes he was back with my daughter!


If you want to join in with #ThisMumCan, all you need to do is add this badge into your blog post and then your link to the linky below… Tag @TheTinaBailey on Twitter and I’ll share your tweets, to help your blog post reach new readers.

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  1. Rachel ~ Kids, Cuddles and Muddy Puddles

    06/08/2018 at 2:07 pm

    Wow, that is one amazing recovery! I just don’t know what I’d do if our puppies got hold of my little girl’s comforter!


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