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Tips To Help Exceed Customers’ Expectations

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Consumers have no end of choices where to buy their products. Apart from the High Street stores, they now have the option to purchase goods online or via friends operating as MLM consultants too. The numbers of online stores are massive and growing all the time. If you want customers to buy from your store there has to be a reason for them to choose you instead of a competitor, and often price is not the deciding factor. With that in mind, today I am sharing some tips to help exceed customers’ expectations.

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Tips To Help Exceed Customers’ Expectations

As a small business, it’s important to keep your customers loyal. Today I’m sharing some ideas which will hopefully encourage them to keep returning to you.

Great Customer Experience

The first of my tips to help exceed customers’ expectations is a pretty obvious one… If you have reviews that say what a great customer service you provide, it will win you more customers. Not only that, an excellent buying experience will keep more of your existing customers loyal to you, and your business will win all-round.

Giving your customers this great experience should start with the very basics – your website. It needs to be simple to navigate, informative and attractive. Getting potential customers to visit your website is just the first step though.

High Quality Products

Make sure that the quality of the products is as good as possible. You need to ensure that they are packaged well, and delivered by the time you have promised. If you know something will take 5 days to get to an address, for instance, state a 7 day delivery on your website. This will allow for any delays, but also means that most times the product will be delivered early. This is a great way to help exceed customers’ expectations.

help exceed customers' expectations - wrapping a parcel

Ensure You Can Cope

It does not matter what type of business you are starting, or whether it is offline or online… You need to know that when you open, you have everything you need to satisfy your customers. For example, if you were opening a coffee shop, there are numerous essential items every coffee shop needs to run smoothly. Firstly, there is no point opening if you do not have a variation of coffees for customers to choose from, or the right types of cups… So they have the option of staying in, or taking their coffee away with them.

Secondly, as another example… If you are opening an online store selling children’s clothes, you need to make sure you have all the different sizes and colours in stock before your website goes live. Customers will not feel let down if your business is properly prepared, and then you are more likely to retain them for the future.

Value Your Customer Relationships

Building relationships with customers will really add value to their experience with your business. This will help to build a loyal customer base. This is simple to do by using emails that are personalised. There are many automatic programs that will do this for you. If they reply, make sure to respond even if it is just with a “Hello, how are you today?”

This personal touch will make them feel that they really matter to you, and of course, they do. A business with no customers cannot survive.

Listen To Them

If a customer contacts you about a product or service, listen to what they have to say. Many consumers that are not happy will not bother to tell you directly. Instead, they are likely to moan about you to their friends and family. Listen to the ones that do get in touch, and improve things if that is what they are suggesting. This will help to remove the issue, and then when they chat to friends and family… It will be to recommend you instead.

At the end of the day, customer experience matters more than anything else. Whether that is just a brilliant service you provide, or because you have put a free gift in their parcel… You just want them to come back for more goods again and again.

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