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Designing A Modern Bathroom

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When it comes to interior design, I am the first to say I”m not an expert! That’s not to say I don’t have a ton of ideas… It’s more that I struggle to pull them all together. When a friend said she was designing a modern bathroom for her new extension, I couldn’t help having a look for ideas and inspiration online.

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Designing a modern bathroom

Some of the key aspects of a modern bathroom are: Wall hung toilets, counter top basins and illuminated bathroom mirrors. When it comes to toilets, a white, wall hung cistern with a soft close lid seems to be the way to go. These toilets look like they are defying gravity, and are suspended from the wall, as if by magic. (The reality is a metal frame which has to be hidden behind the wall). Sinks should be placed on top of counters, rather than being freestanding basins. (Similar to the one pictured below).

designing a modern bathroom - toilet and sink

The Bath And Shower

Modern bathroom design tends to mean a freestanding bath, rather than one which is flush to the wall. Side panels are a thing of the past! If your budget can stretch to a spa bath, it’ll tick even more modern bathroom design boxes… Not to mention unwinding with a glass of wine even more blissful!

If you have space for a freestanding shower, a wet room effect allows for a more modern look. This means you can say goodbye to the ugly shower tray! A glass screen is definitely more modern looking than a traditional shower curtain, too!

designing a modern bathroom - shower, bath, toilet and sink

Unfortunately for my friend, she doesn’t have space for a freestanding bath and a shower cubicle, so she’s gone to Harrogate Bathrooms for help designing her bathroom. I don’t blame her in the slightest! Between us, we had no idea which tiles to go for, and how to make sure she got the right kind of spotlights.

Storage Space

The good thing about designing a modern bathroom is that it allows for plenty of storage space. Counter top sinks mean you can opt for a decent sized cupboard or drawers under your sink. You can also choose floating shelves and alcove type shelving as well.

Personally, I’d opt for close fronted cupboards or drawers rather than open shelves like those on the top image. Closed fronts make it easier to hide the clutter, and make your space look sleek and modern with very little work. If you’re hoping for a contemporary space, this is the type of design for you!

Keeping It Clean

Modern bathrooms are definitely easier to clean than more traditional designs as well. A wall hung toilet is a breeze to mop under – we’ve got these in our house! I love that our spa bath is self cleaning too. You fill it up, pop in a cap full of cleaning solution and run the jets. No elbow grease required! That, combined with the extra storage makes designing a modern bathroom a great option for families.

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