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Why are Now Magazine Endorsing Bullying?


This morning I saw a Now magazine cover; with headlines in which they were basically bullying Stacey Solomon. I don’t read glossy magazines, I don’t watch daytime or reality TV, and until this morning, I didn’t follow Stacey Solomon on twitter or anything like that. The most I had seen of her since her X factor days was her amazingly real video, sharing her mum tum a while back – and it boosted her way up in my opinion of celebrities.

When I saw a RT of her declaring a magazine cover the meanest thing she’d ever seen, I was so angry for her…

Now Magazine Bullying Cover

Bullying is not ok

The media, the NHS and schools wonder why so many girls and women hate themselves… While at the same time, magazine covers like these are allowed to be sold in newsagents, supermarkets and airports? How is this magazine cover okay?

In my opinion, Celebs Now magazine are promoting bullying here. They are normalising using words like, “Boring, Desperate and Cheap” to describe people. They may as well be giving out free “We endorse name calling” pin badges with this issue…!

Stacey Solomon isn’t someone I know much about. All I know is she shares a lot more “real” posts than most celebrities do…

Now anyone with half a brain cell can see that Stacey Solomon being openly bullied and name called on the front cover of a magazine is going to grab people’s attention. It’s going to make people want to pick up the magazine and see why she is being called such horrible names. BUT…. That doesn’t mean it’s ok.

Things need to change!

My daughter is 6 now, so she isn’t old enough to really take notice of glossy magazines just yet. It won’t be long until she is looking at magazine covers in Asda, and seeing people called names, though… Showing how someone has spent over £85,000 to change the way they look or done drastic things to change their perfectly normal bottom!

I remember reading magazines as a teenager – Sugar, J17, More, etc and they were full of fashion, tips, help and advice… not people bashing! Even More with it’s very risky “position of the fortnight” segment didn’t humiliate or bully people the way this magazine cover is.

Now is the time for change.

Admittedly, I have never been one for celebrity magazines. I’m more of a realist than a wannabe, and have always happily done my own thing, oblivious to the trials and tribulations of the Kardashians, WAGS and whoever else is being slated all over the tabloids each week. Stacey Solomon does plenty to normalise herself for her young fans though – she shows them what the magazines are doing and how unrealistic they are being.

Stacey Solomon Bullying - airbrush pic

Anyone who is classed as an influencer but chooses to be “real” deserves to be applauded, in my opinion. Stacey Solomon may well bore some people, but is it really news worthy? NO. Is it a sensationalised headline from a celebrity rag desperately trying to up their sales? Probably. Is it acceptable? NO!

Headlines and magazine covers like this should be banned. They will have a negative impact on so many people, it’s ridiculous. This isn’t news. It isn’t real life. It is targeting and bullying, plain and simple. Wouldn’t “Stacey Solomon reacts to being called Desperate, boring and cheap” would be more dramatic? Why not give Stacey a platform to address the haters? Show people that even celebrities face bullying. They have to deal with the same issues the rest of us face, too?

What do you think? Is this magazine cover acceptable? Would you buy it? What would you like to see instead?

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Comments (1):

  1. Jo

    10/12/2018 at 3:15 am

    Like you I don’t read mags, papers or watch gossip tv but what I’ve seen in the past appauls me. Because there is so much power in media people seem to think celebs are fair game. Mind you, with so many people buying these mags it seems readers want it just as much. It’s a sad world we live in.


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