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5 tips for travelling to Australia


Australia – it’s one of the most popular tourism hotspots in the world, and for good reason. It’s diverse, it’s beautiful and, perhaps best of all, it’s a whole lot of fun. Here are five tips to keep in mind when you visit – shared by a blogging friend of mine; Lena. 

Don’t be overambitious with your travel plans

You might not realise it, but Australia is big. So big, in fact, that getting from one side to the other could take hours on a flight. It’s important you’re not being overambitious with your travel plans when in Australia, both for monetary and time purposes.

Plan a trip that considers travel time as well as distance, as you may not be aware of just how massive Australia is. If you’re trying to budget, a flight elsewhere in the country may be out of the question. In that case, plan to visit destinations reachable by car. It might be a few hours’ drive to get to where you want to go, but exploring Australia is incredibly rewarding. Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne (the latter having some of the world’s best coffee according to 1Cover) are just as exciting as the less-developed parts of the country.


Embrace the Australian culture

Australia actually has an abundance of culture to be discovered and embraced during your trip. In the current day, that culture is irreverent and sport-obsessed for the most part – but that’s not to mention the diversity and profound history to be uncovered in its roots.

In fact, Australia is home to the oldest surviving civilisation on Earth. The indigenous people of Australia make up for 650,000 of the country’s current population (roughly 2.8%). It’s safe to say, then, that Australia’s history remains incredibly important. Visit the Australian Museum in Sydney to learn more about the indigenous people who shaped the culture you’ll experience today.

Get away from the cities for a while

Although Australia’s cities are certainly something special; there’s also a wealth of natural beauty to be seen throughout the country. The sheer number of national parks gives it away. With spots such as the well-known Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef; to hidden treasures including the Pinnacles and the Bungle Bungles… Getting away from the bustle of the country’s major cities is highly recommended.

Be sure to explore one or more of Australia’s national parks during your stay. They’re all considerably unique but all extremely beautiful. The aforementioned Bungle Bungles is home to a sandstone range as well as tropical pools and caves, and Grampians National Park is home to MacKenzie Falls.

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Slang is prevalent in Australia

One thing you’ll need to bear in mind before visiting Australia is that their slang is very extensive, and almost everyone in the country uses it. Expect to hear terms such as ‘crikey’, ‘sheilas’ and ‘going walkabout’… The latter will certainly apply to you, as the term essentially means ‘going travelling’.

Be sure to brush up on your knowledge of the local lingo, so that you’re not left in the dark once you arrive. The locals are very friendly and laid back, so they won’t hesitate to use slang with you in conversation.

Tipping isn’t necessary

People are often used to tipping waiters and waitresses when on holiday. In the vast majority of countries around the world, it’s the expected thing to do. In Australia, restaurant and bar staff are usually paid so well that tips simply aren’t needed.

The obligation in Australia is to tip much less than you would in other countries, as the minimum wage is much better. Of course, it’s polite and always appreciated to leave a bit of change. Round your total fare up to the next dollar in a taxi, for example – but you don’t have to splash out on tips.

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