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Planning Our First Ski Holiday


I am always dreaming of adventure, and that doesn’t stop when Summer ends and Autumn creeps to Winter. When I received an email offering some fantastic sports travel ideas earlier this week, I began planning our first ever Ski holiday.

Why A Ski Holiday?

I have never set foot on a ski slope in my life, so I think some lessons before we book anything will definitely be in order for all of us. Rather than hoping to whizz down the piste at 100mph, I think my ideal ski holiday would involve a bit of snow fun with the kids. I’m thinking building snowmen, sledging, having snowball fights, romantic moments with hubby, etc…

ski holiday couple

At least one skiing or snowboarding lesson would happen of course. It would be more about making memories than dreaming of earning GB a gold medal in the next Winter Olympics. After much research, I have come up with 5 things for rookie skiers like myself to consider before booking their first ski break…

Things To Consider

Guests: Are you travelling as a couple or with children? It’s worth checking out well in advance what’s on offer for children if they are travelling with you.

Budget: Set a budget before you plan your trip. It’s pointless looking at luxury all inclusive resorts if your budget is under £500pp. Prices will be pretty much double if you want to travel over the Christmas period.

Ability: If you are a total skiing newbie, make sure your chosen resort offers lessons for beginners – or better yet, try to get in a couple of lessons on a local dry slope or indoor ski venue before you travel. We are lucky we have Chill Factore literally 3 miles away, so lessons on real snow will be fairly easy for us.

ski holiday equipment

Equipment Hire: If you don’t already own your own ski equipment, make sure your chosen venue either includes everything you need, or that you include hire costs or purchase costs in your budget.

Resort: Different resorts have different peak seasons. Most European and American / Canadian resorts are open from late November until early April. If you’re wanting to ski in Australia and New Zealand, ski season tends to be from June until September.

ski holiday Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights: For me, one of the biggest attractions to a ski holiday is the chance to see the Northern Lights up close. While nobody can guarantee you’ll see Aurora Borealis during your holiday, some places have better odds than others… Finland, is definitely the best place within Europe to go if you want to catch a glimpse of them during your holiday. Imagine how magical your trip would be! Finland also means LAPLAND…. We could even double up our holiday with a visit to Santa – if we time it right!

What Now?

Budgeting is definitely the biggest thing for us. Realistically, it’ll be at least 2 years before we can hit the slopes. I won’t be booking anything until much nearer the time, and it’ll be a case of wait and see. For a first trip, I am thinking just 2 or 3 nights would be a safe bet. Long enough to get a taste for snow holidays, but short enough to avoid boredom.

Have you been on a skiing holiday? Did you take the kids? I’d love to hear any tips you have.

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