two dogs and a tent, camping at Lady Heyes Park in Frodsham

This week, the Summer Holidays have been in full swing. We are on Day 10 now, and the sun has been shining every single day… until today. I never thought I’d be so happy to see rain returning to Manchester! My word(s) of the week this week are camping at Lady Heyes….. camping

camping text

Camping At Lady Heyes

I took my youngest camping for the first time this week, and she LOVED it! We headed to Lady Heyes park in Frodsham, Cheshire. As it was our first trip, we borrowed my sister’s pop up tent, for ease. We packed up an air bed, sleeping bags, my BBQ, hubby’s camping stove and off we went…! Thankfully the campsite was under an hour away. If you’re heading further afield, these road trip activities for kids might come in handy!

We had a lovely 24 hours camping at Lady Heyes, and did lots of traditional camping stuff…

Setting Up Camp

girl lay down in tent - pitch 8 when camping at Lady Heyes

Yep – we pitched the tent – all by ourselves! (OK, so it was a pop up tent, but we are still claiming it as a victory – especially considering we got it back into the bag the next day, too)!

camping kettle on stove

We remembered to pack milk for a cup of tea. (Admittedly, it was so hot, the milk curdled after this one cup, so it was a bit of a waste, really).

camping beans on toast

We made cheese and beans on toast for our camping tea – Camping toast is so much better than toaster toast, somehow!

Exploring The Camp Site

bottle of beer and ice cream from the clubhouse when camping at Lady Heyes

We went to the clubhouse, and I indulged in this Malteasers ice cream and a 0% alcohol beer – I know how to party!

Toasting Marshmallows

camping - campfire and toasting marshmallows

When it started to go dark, we made a fire and toasted some marshmallows. Did you even go camping if you don’t toast marshmallows? I’ll be researching some more exciting campfire desserts for next time though!

My daughter loved being able to run around and play outside all day and evening. The campsite had a playground right near our pitch, so she spent a lot of time on there making friends. This meant I got some time alone with the camp fire and my kindle…

burning campfire and kindle - camping at Lady Heyes

We had such a good time, I have already booked to go back and do it all over again…. With the dogs and my son instead, though! (I’m not brave enough to take both kids on my own just yet. The inevitable “I need a wee” trips at 3am put me off!

Needless to say, it was a fab camping trip! It far exceeded my expectations, so I was a very happy camper! Check out more of our Travel Tales here.

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