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Week 3 of Veganuary

Week 3 of Veganuary

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It seems as though January has flown by. I can’t believe I am entering week 3 of Veganuary already. The entire experience so far has been much easier than I expected. I’m sharing some of my highs and lows today…

The worst bits of week 3 of Veganuary

I have had a couple of fails in the past couple of weeks. The first of them was Candy Kittens Wild Strawberries sweets. Admittedly, I have never been much of a sweet fan, and I haven’t really had any in the 18 years I’ve been vegetarian for. These jumped out at me though, so I decided to give them a try, seeing as they were £1 a bag in Asda.

week 3 of Veganuary

They are really sour. So much so I coolant eat them. Beyond gross in my opinion. I suppose if you’re a fan of sour sweets, they’ll be amazing though. Definitely not one for me though.

The other fail of the week was a Greggs Vegan sausage roll… It was under cooked, cold and really claggy. (That’s a real word, yes)? Up here in the North, it means something that gets sticky. It sticks to the roof of your mouth. BLEAH! I won’t be buying another.

The best bits of week 3 of Veganuary

Where do I start? There have been so many delicious things leading up to week 3 of Veganuary….. I absolutely loved the Aldi Sweet Potato Burgers. I’d go as far as to say they are the best meat free burgers I have ever had. That’s hefty praise, when you think I’ve been veggie for 18 years!

week 3 of Veganuary sweet potato burger

I also loved the Vegan Magnum ice lollies and the M&S Plant Kitchen margarita pizza. Not forgetting the Aldi Moroccan Falafel and Jus Roll Cinnamon Rolls. All of them were amazing! The Sweet Potato Burgers are definitely my favourites though! YUM!

What have I missed?

I ran out of Hazelnut Butter so I haven’t had any Ferrero Rocher Mug Cakes for a while – I’m missing those lots! They definitely aren’t as good with Peanut Butter! Other than that, I’m not missing much. I definitely feel less bloated and tired, which is a good thing!

Any Slip Ups?

I don’t think so! I am still struggling to avoid soya, which I have learnt is a trigger for stomach issues and nausea for me. So I am trying to watch out for products with soya in now.

Any Issues Imminent?

I am off for a spa break later this week, and am worried what I will (or won’t) be able to eat. I know there’s a vegan friendly evening menu, but I don’t know about breakfast. It may have to be a bowl of fruit, but I’ll see!

Finally, What Is Veganuary?

In case you missed my other veganuary posts, the idea is to become Vegan for January (or for 31 days, starting in January). The Vegan diet involves cutting meat, dairy and eggs completely from your diet, and living a plant based life. If you want to take it to the next level, you can ditch Honey, leather and suede too.

Finally… I am feeling confident as we head towards the last third of the challenge. I’ll aim to share another update next week. Meanwhile, you can follow my progress on instagram here.

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