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Ways To Earn Money Online

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Back when I was on maternity leave and money was tight. So I was always looking for ways to increase my income. I was stuck at home a lot, so spent a lot of time looking at ways to earn money online. Today I thought I’d share some of the ways I made some extra money.

Ways To Earn Money Online

When it comes to finding ways to make money online, there are a few paths you can take. Firstly, you could consider making or selling a product. Additionally, you might want to consider buying goods and selling them on at a profit.

Making and Selling

I’ve always been very good at thinking outside the box, and pretty creative too. So it didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to start my own little empire. I’d been making my son cute personalised baby grows and bodysuits with iron-on transfers. I began listing them on online selling sites, but people kept wanting custom orders. In the end, I realised that it was a good idea to offer a t-shirt mockup. These allow potential customers to see how their design would look before they buy. It’s great if you are selling made to order products like I was.

My little enterprise was soon making a fair amount of money. I was mostly printing funny slogans onto babygrows and some bibs as well. I found it a great way to earn some money from home, without a lot of initial outlay.

a stack of baby clothes - ways to make money online

Buying And Selling

Something else I did was buy bundles of baby clothes online, then split them up into individual lots. This was time-consuming but it did bring in enough to pay for the baby essentials, which nobody tells you cost the earth! I could be paying £10 for a bundle, then making £40+ for the items when I sold them individually.

This can be done with more than baby clothes too. There’s usually plenty of women’s clothes and shoe bundles available at great prices online. Make sure you check out selling sites and online marketplaces. Make sure you iron each garment and hang it up well, so you can photograph it in the best light. This will help to boost resale earning potential massively.

Additionally, if you like to peruse charity shops, you can snap up some bargains to sell on from those too. My tip is to keep an eye out for pieces which still have the original tags on, as these too go for more in most instances.


While surveys aren’t for everyone, there are some fab websites and apps which allow you to earn as you complete surveys. Some pay out earnings in vouchers, so make sure you read the small print before joining up. Additionally, check out how many surveys you need to complete before you are actually eligible for a payout… You may find you’ve got to put in a lot more hours than you think. Some sites are better than others though, so shop around.

Finally, if you’ve found these tips on ways to earn money online useful, check out my business and blogging category for more.

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