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Free income and expenses templates for bloggers

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It’s no secret that I am a bit of a geek when it comes to maths. It should come as no surprise then that I have lovingly crafted spreadsheets to help me keep on top of my earnings, expenses and net income. I have had a couple of people ask me recently if they could see them, so I have decided to go one step further and create these free self employed income and expenses templates for you to use. They are perfect for bloggers! Do let me know if they have helped you to keep on top of your finances!

Read on to find out more about my free income and expenses templates for bloggers…

I use google docs to keep track of my expenses. It’s free and secure, too. I choose to use this rather than excel so that I can access my files from anywhere. It also means that if I were unlucky enough to lose or break my laptop, I’d still be able to access the files. I’d be gutted if I had to recreate my annual income and expenses templates!

These are the spreadsheets I use…

Annual Income:

The first thing you need to keep track of is your annual income. I use THIS Income Spreadsheet to do that. (If you click on file, you can download it to use yourself).

income and expenses templates - INCOME

There is space on the spreadsheet to list the paid posts you publish on your blog, and to include all relevant information. Once the post has been paid I tend to highlight it green, so I can quickly and easily see which payments I need to chase.

There’s a column for the invoice amount, and a separate one for amount received. This allows you to clearly see how much you received after PayPal fees or international currency conversion.

If you need to add additional rows to your month, you just click on the row above where you want to insert a new row and then click “INSERT” (At the top of the page) and select “ROW BELOW”. I have put in all of the formulas, so the totals will update automatically for you.

Annual Expenses:

I use This Expenses Spreadsheet for tracking annual expenses. (If you click on file, you can download it to use yourself).

income and expenses templates - EXPENSES

When it comes to business expenses, it took me a long time to bother listing anything. Once I realised how much I was spending, I created this spreadsheet to keep on top of it. You can list all business expenses which are tax deductible – such as… Server costs, domain renewal, tickets to blogging events, and travel to and from them. You can also list £26 per month if you work from home for more than 101 hours per month. (This covers gas and electricity use).

When it comes to mobile phone, you can only add whatever proportion of your bill you actually use for business use. I have two phones now so one is business use and the other is personal. I add the business use one to my expenses. Make sure you add things like printer ink, stationery, and the new laptop you bought for business use onto your expenses too.

You can find out what can and can’t be claimed as expenses in the UK here


It is important you keep all of your receipts.

I have a file on my laptop for digital receipts and an envelope pinned to my notice board for paper receipts. This helps me keep track of them, and makes January pretty much painless. Spending a little time each month filling in these income and expenses templates means you don’t need to stress as 31st January approaches.

Net Profit

Your net profit is what you pay tax on. It is the amount left over after you have subtracted your expenses from your income. I use this Net Profit Spreadsheet to track mine. (If you click on file, you can download it to use yourself).

income and expenses templates - NET PROFIT

If you fill in the first spreadsheet each time you get a paid job. Plus the other two on the first of the month, you’ll find your  end of year tax returns a doddle. You will also have quick and easy access to your net income to keep tax credits informed… Should you need to.

Finally, if you have found this blog post useful, why not check out my business category for more posts you’ll love.

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