As a business owner, you pay your employees an hourly rate, which doesn’t seem to be that much. However, over weeks, months and years, it all adds up. Today I am sharing tips and ideas on using time effectively in business. What would you do if you knew that hours, each month were being wasted by idleness or unproductivity in the workplace? Idleness can be quite detrimental to your business, but there are ways to reduce it.

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Using time effectively in business

It’s a good idea to make sure that everybody is making the most of their time at work. So read on if you want to find out some productivity tips.

Using Time Effectively by making daily and weekly plans

As a business owner, you should be in the habit of making plans for the company and its future. Whether you’re self employed, or have dozens of employees, a to do list is essential. However, if you really want to make the most of the time for everybody, you need to ensure that there are daily and weekly plans for every member of your team. This sounds extensive, but it will ensure that everybody is on the right track, and has deadlines to meet, so productivity will be higher.

Utilise your space

Firstly, one reason which could be reducing effective time management in your business is issues with office and meeting spaces. If you work from home, it could be your kids using your workspace for homework. If you have a team of employees,  perhaps you have people booking the spaces, only to find that they don’t turn up.

It could be they forget that they were supposed to be using them, or didn’t get a reminder. Make sure to get your room scheduling perfected, and don’t let any time go to waste due to issues with room bookings or missed meetings.

Using Time Effectively

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Do the worst jobs first

It has been proven time and time again that you will get more done if you complete the worst jobs in the morning. If you spend all day dreading doing that task, then productivity levels are naturally going to be lower. So my advice is: get it out of the way and focus on the less stressful jobs in the afternoon. This helps me to utilise all of my time effectively. For me, spreadsheets and invoice chasing are the most tedious assets.

I start my day by adding invoices and expenses to spreadsheets and folders. Next, I check my calendar to see which invoices are overdue, and send any reminders. Once these jobs are out of the way, I clear my inbox, while I have a cup of tea. Then I am refreshed and ready to start working on the parts of my job I love – Writing and recording.

Add some enjoyment

If the idea of going to work has become a bit of an ordeal for you or your team, productivity levels are likely to be lower than they should be. If your team aren’t met with some kind of motivation and excitement when they walk through the door, you need to do more to add to this. This way, they will want to be there, and less time will be wasted.

So, there are many things that you can do to make the most of time in your business. Firstly, you can make daily and weekly plans to utilise their skills and your office and meeting spaces more effectively. On top of this, you can get the worst jobs out of the way first, too.

One thing I loved when I worked in an office environment was in – office challenges. One which I liked were a free lunch for the best performer of the week – fast rewards encourage participation. One which offered an extra day’s annual leave for the best annual performer increased long term productivity too. Ideas like this can help to make your office that little bit more enjoyable. Finally, rewarding employees will make your team happier, and more passionate about their jobs. Good luck using your time wisely!