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Get Your Home Business Taken Seriously – Tips and Ideas

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Is it just me, or does almost everyone sees to be starting a home business now? More people than ever are working from home as a freelancer, or turning their blogs into a business, so it’s hard to stand out. It’s also hard to get your business taken seriously. I’ve been blogging for 10 years now, but blogging only become my full time job 8 months ago. Today I’ll be sharing ideas to get your home business taken seriously. *Collaborative Post*

Get Your Home Business Taken Seriously

Proving that your home business isn’t just a hobby, or a passing interest isn’t easy. Proving that you are serious, that you want to grow a respectable business and build relationships with your customers and clients takes work. It can be tough, but here are some tips and ideas to help get your home business taken seriously.

Build an Email List

Emails are crucial to your success and growth. Having people subscribe to your website means that you’ve got the target audience on which to focus. However, this is only the case if you actually use it. Most sites have a sign-up button. Most small home businesses take the time to use a virtual mailbox saas company so that they don’t have to use their home address. Then, they never get round to sending emails.

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If you want to be taken seriously, you should use your email list to its full potential. Send regular emails, get to know your audience, find out what they want and give it to them. Nothing says unprofessional quite like a pointless sign-up form.

Keep it Clean

As a small business, it’s okay to be a little more informal. This ability to have real relationships is one of the benefits of small business. But, you still need to be professional. Don’t swear in any of your communications, you never know who has signed up to your emails, and who could decide against working with you based on the tone of that one, ranty post. Try to be friendly, but professional, and remind yourself that you are the face of your business now.

Check Your Spelling

It’s all too easy to make a small mistake with spelling and grammar. It’s easy to miss something – even when you proofread everything twice. People understand, everyone does it, but it still looks unprofessional and marks you as a newbie. Use Grammarly to check everything, even your social media posts, and always double check yourself.

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Find a Designer

Designing your own logo and website is easier than ever. There are plenty of templates and themes out there for you to work with. Additionally, most small businesses begin by designing their own. However, unless you’ve got excellent design skills, they’ll look very similar to many other websites and brands out there. If you’re not gifted in design, hiring a designer is an easy way to ensure your website and branding is unique, clean and easy to remember.

Take Yourself Seriously

One problem many new small business owners have is commitment. They see their business as a hobby and treat it like one. (I did this for a good 3 years before finally jumping in with both feet)! If you want to be taken seriously, you need to treat your company seriously. Treat your business like what it is. Give it time and money if you can. Work hard, push yourself out of your comfort zone and find ways to get noticed. Set yourself goals and targets to work towards, and try to stick to set working hours for maximum productivity.

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