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5 Places I Want To Visit


I am sad to say that I haven’t seen much of the world. Despite being almost 35, I am yet to leave Europe. That doesn’t stop me dreaming, though. With that in mind, I thought a blog post listing the 5 places I want to visit would be a good idea.

Places I Want To Visit…

1). Australia 

Places I Want To Visit - Map of Australia with pins stuck into it

Australia is the place I most want to visit. I remember being a kid and saying to my Mum I would be living in Australia by the time I was 25. I had it all planned out – College, Uni to train as a Social Worker and then apply for a Visa and leave England behind. It didn’t happen though. Life (ok Boyfriends) got in the way.

I guess my longing to go down under was inspired by 3 TV programmes…. Can you guess which 3? Neighbours and Home and Away are the two obvious ones, but you may not know the 3rd…. Round The Twist. Remember the family who lived in the lighthouse? I want to visit that beach! Have TV shows inspired any of the destinations on your “places I want to visit” list?

2). New Zealand

Places I Want To Visit - Hobbit House in New Zealand

I wanted to visit New Zealand long before Peter Jackson plonked The Shire there. My Aunt and Uncle have lived there my entire life, and now my best friend lives there too.

The country itself has always intrigued me – I have long thought of it as a smaller Australia without quite so many scary spiders, and a bit more rain. Lots of my family have visited over the years, and their photos and stories make me even more determined to get out there some day.

3). Ireland 

Places I Want To Visit - Giants Causeway in Ireland

Despite being less than an hour’s flight from us, I have never been to Ireland. My mum’s family originate from there, and I still haven’t been. My Mum’s grandparents moved to Scotland during the Potato famine. As a kid, I used to wonder if they had crossed the Giant’s Causeway (pictured above). It wasn’t until years later I realised it was impossible! (I wrote more about my family tree obsession here).

Between the Historical landmarks, amazing greenery and Game of Thrones connections, what’s not to love? I am definitely going to get to Ireland as soon as possible! Did it make it onto your “places I want to visit” list?

4). Egypt

Egypt (specifically Ancient Egypt) has always fascinated me. The Pyramids of Giza are right up there on my bucket list. It’s amazing to think they have been standing in the middle of the Sahara Desert for over 4500 years now. I remember learning about the Aztecs and Egyptians in school, and my fascination has never really gone away.

The Pyramids are the only remaining member of the Seven wonders of the ancient world. I think anybody who sees a photograph of pyramids automatically thinks of Egypt. The pyramids are, of course guarded by the nearby Sphinx of Giza – a giant statue, which is made up of the resting body of a lion and the head of a human. It’s almost impossible to get up close to the pyramids these days as they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5). America

Despite everything which is happening across the pond at the moment putting me off visiting, I would still like to head over to America at some point. (Probably when someone else is in charge of the Nukes, though). So many of the things I want to see are over there, that it’s impossible to skip a visit. The Statue of Liberty, Alcatraz, Niagra Falls, The Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge, Disney World, China Town in San Francisco, Route 66, New Orleans, etc etc.

I could probably spend a year touring America and still not see everything I wanted to. It’ll definitely have to wait until someone else is at the helm though – I would be panicky enough with the American gun laws, never mind Mr Grump having the power to fling all non U.S. Citizens in jail.

What about you? Is there somewhere else you really want to visit? Or somewhere else you’d recommend I add to my bucket list?

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