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Places For Families To Go In Salford


After almost 10 years living in Salford, I’m pretty much an honorary Salfordian. So I thought I would share my top places to go with kids in Salford. If you have any other suggestions, do let me know!

Family Friendly Places In Salford

In no particular order…

Salford Museum and Art Gallery

In Salford - Salford Museum and Art Gallery

We have been visiting Salford Museum and Art Gallery for years now, and we always have a brilliant time. The Victorian street is currently celebrating the end of WW1 centenary. It has been updated to reflect a Salford street in 1918. The Museum gives children the chance to dress up in period costumes, and join in with life as it was back then. The best bit: Entry is free, although we do always leave a donation on our way out, so take some change!

Ordsall Hall

In Salford - Ordsall Hall

Ordsall Hall is a stunning Tudor House. It has been painstakingly restored and is now open to the public. Ordsall Hall was first mentioned in records in 1177 – making it well over 840 years old! Today, it is a welcoming historic house, which tells the story of the Hall… And some of the people who made it their home over the centuries.

There is plenty to do and discover… You can dress up as a Tudor or try on some chain mail. Or you can find out about the foods which would have been cooked at the Hall in the 1500s. Maybe you’d enjoy pretending you are having a feast around the table in the Great Hall? You can listen to the story of the 450 year old Radclyffe bed and the ghost who lives there, too!

On a nice day, you can explore the sculptures in the gardens, or visit the allotment. It is growing only things found 100 years ago during WW1, and only tools and materials available then are being used as well… It’s like stepping back in time tending to the veggies on their plot! If you book in advance, you can even enjoy an open air theatrical performance – complete with a picnic!

Visiting the Hall is free, but we do always leave a donation on our way out. So make sure you take some cash along!

Salford Quays

In Salford - Salford Quays

Salford Quays is home to loads of brilliant things. So many in fact that I decided to bundle them all up into one place…! The Lowry is a stunning venue. There are several theatres within the venue, and there’s usually at least one Children’s Show on each weekend and during the school holidays. The Museum is full of amazing art, and children are encouraged to create their own masterpieces. As with previous museums, The Lowry is free to enter, but donations are encouraged.

The Imperial War Museum North stands just across the footbridge pictured above from the Lowry. Again, it’s free to enter, but donations are encouraged. There is a large collection of vehicles, war artefacts and some amazing costumes to be seen in the IWM. You’ll also find plenty of interactive displays and a wonderful eatery.

On Sunny days, I highly recommend exploring the area around Media City, which is a short walk from The Lowry. You can explore the Blue Peter Garden, relaxing in the sunshine. Or you can watch out for stars from Cbeebies and CBBC. You can always do the CBBC Studio Tour too – if you book in advance. It is suitable for children aged 6-11 years old.

There are loads of wonderful places to eat and drink around Salford Quays. Whether you want all you can eat Chinese or fast food, there’s something for everyone. I’d recommend parking in the Lowry Outlet Mall and walking around for convenience. Parking isn’t free though, so do take that into consideration if funds are tight.

Clifton Country Park

In Salford - Clifton Country Park

If you like the great outdoors, you’ll love Clifton Country Park. It is a country park, which is set in the grounds of what was once a Colliery. Clifton Country Park dates back to the 1700’s. You can walk around a huge lake, and kids love to follow the Fairy Tale Trail on the way. There are wooden carvings of animals and characters from fairy tales hidden along the main path. The lake is open to Fishermen and is a popular dog walking spot, too.

The large playground is a dog free zone, so you can’t go in if you take your furry friends with you. The Play area has a large range of equipment and plenty of picnic benches, so take a picnic! Parking is free at Clifton, and there is a new Cafe opening in August 2018, which will make visiting even better!

There’s plenty of wooded areas to explore as well. Pop into the Visitor’s Centre and ask the rangers for ideas if you’re not sure where to go.

In Salford - Summer Holidays

There’s plenty of activities going on throughout the Summer within Salford, so feel free to check them all out in this guide!

There are some fantastic, free ideas to get you through the school holidays over at Earth Based Fun too. So definitely check them out!

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