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Tips For Fighting Exhaustion

Tips For Fighting Exhaustion

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I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted at the moment. For the most part, I’m putting it down to sleep deprivation. Although it’s fair to say I am shattered right now! With that in mind, I am sharing some tips for fighting exhaustion today! I’m 35 now, and have experienced many different kinds of tiredness.

Tips For Fighting Exhaustion – Why are you so tired?

My teens saw me being tired because I’d been out partying almost nightly, and then getting up for work / college a couple of hours later. I’d then catch up on sleep by having a 16 hour sleepathon once a week.

My early twenties saw me feeling exhausted from working shifts. It was common for me to start work at 12pm one day, and not finish until 6pm the next. Granted, I could go to bed at work, but sleep rarely happened when I did.

My late twenties saw me pregnant and then breast feeding, so sleep was minimal. My daughter wasn’t a great sleeper, so I was lucky to get 5 hours a night.

Now I’m in my 30s, my exhaustion is down to a combination of factors. Sharing my bed with two boxer dogs definitely impacts, as does having a son with Autism. Six to eight hours’ sleep a night is the norm for him, so I usually get 3 hours less than him.

Tips For Getting More Sleep

If you feel you’re tired simply because you don’t sleep enough, try to delegate jobs which keep you up late. When the kids were babies, hubby and I took turns sitting up with our youngest. He’d take her from 7-11pm so I could get a few hours sleep. I’d then take over, so he was refreshed for work.

I wanted to punch people who told me to sleep when the kids do – had these people ever been parents? When you have to cook, clean, shop, work and bathe, it’s not that simple! My daughter rarely let me put her down, so my to do list was always ridiculously long when she did!

One of my favourite tips for fighting exhaustion is… Try asking a friend, relative or neighbour to be a “spare pair of hands” during the day. I’d have found it an amazing help if my mum could have watched the kids for a few hours (while I was at home). So I could get the cooking / cleaning / ironing / paperwork done during daylight hours.

Check With Your GP

After 2 years of fighting exhaustion, I eventually went to the GP. He checked my thyroid and we found out my levels were really low. After 3 months of meds juggling, I finally felt awake enough to do stuff for myself again! If you get plenty of sleep, you could be suffering from Chronic Fatigue, low iron levels or something else which they can help with.

I hope these tips have been useful. Why not check out my lifestyle category for more ideas.


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