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Picture Of Innocence by T J Stimson

Book Review – Picture Of Innocence by T J Stimson


If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I am a pretty big bookworm. I’ve always got a book on the go, so when I was asked to review T J Stimson’s new book ahead of publication, I was happy to agree. Picture Of Innocence by T J Stimson is Tess Stimson’s first dark novel, after already publishing ten women’s fiction novels. Read on to find out my thoughts…

The Blurb from Picture Of Innocence by T J Stimson…

“With three children under ten, Maddie is struggling. On the outside, she’s a happy young mother, running a charity as well as a household. But inside, she’s exhausted. She knows she’s lucky to have to have a support network around her. Not just her loving husband, but her family and friends too.

But is Maddie putting her trust in the right people? Because when tragedy strikes, she is certain someone has hurt her child – and everyone is a suspect, including Maddie herself…

The characters in this book are about to discover that looks can be deceiving… because anyone is capable of terrible things. Even the most innocent, even you.”

Picture Of Innocence by T J Stimson

My Thoughts…

I read the first dozen chapters of Picture Of Innocence by T J Stimson in one go. However, I found it mentally draining for a while after that. The book made me live vicariously through my worst nightmare. Instead of providing me with a way to unwind at bedtime, I was crying myself to sleep, and having nightmares after reading. In the end, I switched to early morning reading so I could sleep soundly AND finish the book.

The novel is packed with twists and turns, which left me reeling on several occasions. Each time I thought I’d figured out what had happened, I turned the page and found I was wrong. The book was so unpredictable, I was gripped and unable to stay away.

The end of Picture Of Innocence by T J Stimson left me open mouthed. So much so, I’d highly recommend reading it. (Perhaps not at bedtime though – unless you’ve got a heart of stone or aren’t prone to nightmares).

Get It For Free!

This book is currently 99p on Kindle, but if you sign up to the free 30 day trial of Audible, you can listen to it for free!

About The Book

The book is 416 pages long, and available in paperback, kindle and Audible format now. It slots comfortably into the crime thriller genre, and is published by Harper Collins. Additionally, you can find more information here. If you’d like to know more about the Author, check out her website here.

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