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mid 30's

Mid 30’s Here I Come

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I’m turning 35 this month, and I don’t know what to make of it. I remember laughing at my sister when she turned 25. I called her an old lady, and half an antique. Now here I am, smashing my way through my mid 30’s, and about to be closer to 40 than I am 30. 

Mid 30’s – I’m already there! 

I’m already in my mid 30s on many levels… If we split the years you are in your 30’s up, you’re in your early 30’s until you’re 33. Your mid 30s until you’re 36 and then late 30’s until you’re 39. Or thereabouts… 

mid 30's

Am I Almost Middle Aged?

The average life expectancy if women in the UK is 82. If we assume 41 is the mid point of most women’s lives, does that mean I am almost middle aged? Google suggests 45 -55 is middle aged, but I don’t agree. Personally I’d say the years around the average mid point in your life are when you’re middle aged… That means 35-45 is more on the mark, surely? I am well over 40% of the way through average life expectancy! 

Getting Old

Getting old doesn’t bother me. I have blogged before about how I am embracing my grey hair – read more here. I’ve also mentioned that wrinkles don’t bother me, and I see ageing as a cause for celebration – a knock on effect of losing my parents early in my adult life, I guess. It’s not my ageing appearance which concerns me. It’s my deteriorating health and energy levels. 

I am already exhausted almost every day. Thanks in part to my under active thyroid, and my insomniac kids. Add in my current health issues and basically I feel much older than my 34 years. Honestly: I doubt very much I’ll make it to 60, never mind 82! 

What’s your take on ageing? Are you like a fine wine… better with each year that passes? Or do you feel closer to the produce in the reduced section – Ageing puts you past your best?

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