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Harry Potter Halloween Ideas

Harry Potter Halloween Ideas – How We Got On


Last week, I shared some Harry Potter Halloween Ideas my daughter and I were going to do, ready for Halloween. I said in that blog post that I would share the final results in another blog post – so I am doing that here, today!

Harry Potter Halloween Ideas…

Floating Candles

These were by far the most time consuming of the Harry Potter Halloween ideas. The first stage involved painting 8 toilet roll tubes white. We were using poster paint and gave each candle two thin coats. Each coat tool around 90 minutes to dry. (We did the other activities in between).

Harry Potter Halloween Ideas

Once each tube was painted, I set to work dripping wax style drips down the side of each tube, using my glue gun. This took around an hour to do – including drying time.

Next, I measured how far into the tube the LED candle would go and threaded some fishing line through at that point.

Once this was done, I stuck some sellotape inside the tube to create a “shelf” for the LED candle to sit on. Once hung up, the candle looked like the above image. The thread needs to be exactly central to make sure your candles stand perfectly straight. Mine are all on a bit of an angle, but I think that adds to the spookiness.

Pencil Wands

I think these are my favourite of the 3 Harry Potter Halloween ideas we did. I’d highly recommend making loads of these wands in advance of a Harry Potter themed party, as kids love painting them!

We went to Draigcon on Sunday and my daughter decorated her own wand like this, using nail polish. I thought it was brilliant, so we did the same.

Firstly, I attacked ten black pencils with my trusty glue gun. Once dry, they all looked different. Some had rippled affects, some were spirals and others looked like a spider had thrown up on them…

Harry Potter Halloween ideas

(Note the glue on my leggings). Once each pencil had dried, we painted them all using my old nail polishes. The final result can be seen below. I love these and think they look really effective.

Ferrero Rocher Snitches

The snitches definitely look the most like their Harry Potter film counterparts in my opinion. They were the quickest of the Harry Potter Halloween ideas to make.

Firstly, I folded a sheet of paper into quarters lengthways Next, I folded it into quarters, widthways. Once this was done, I drew a leaf template, making sure I left a thick gap at the centre crease. I cut out, the outline, then made thin snips along the bottom edge so it looked like feathers. Once finished, I opened it all out and I was left with 8 identical pairs of snitch wings.

I took the cupcake style wrapper off each chocolate and stuck the wings onto the back, to cover the glue. I took the Ferrero Rocher sticker off the front too.

This was the final result…

Harry Potter Halloween ideas

I’m really happy with how they all came out. This is the candles hung outside the front door on Halloween…

Have you tried making any of these items? I’d love to know how you got on! 

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  1. Clearlybex

    01/11/2018 at 2:32 pm

    Your Harry Potter ideas have been so fantastic! I need some pencils and a glue gun! I actually think we have a glue gun somewhere!


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