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How To Provide Excellent Customer Service

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If you’re a new entrepreneur, who’s only recently broken away from the shackles of nine to five… Chances are that you’re keen to hit the ground running with your new business venture. Implementing a business vision, creating a productive company ethos and securing funding will be high on your agenda. However, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of being known to provide excellent customer service.

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How To Provide Excellent Customer Service

Firstly, it’s your customer service credentials that will solidify your reputation. Great service will encourage your customer base to expand. This will happen both via word of mouth, and positive review site mentions. Read on to see how you can provide excellent customer service, which will benefit your startup.

Under Promise And Over Deliver

This sounds like a simple strategy to implement when it comes to customer service. The concept of under promising and over delivering is one most of us are familiar with. If you sell custom made tee shirts with cool logos and slogans aimed at the millennial market… You might pride yourself on your fast shipping times. If you know that you can get your product to your customer within two business days, state that you will have it delivered in three. When your product arrives on your customer’s doorstep a day early, your customer will assume that you’ve gone the extra mile to exceed expectations.

Following this strategy will enhance your chances of receiving positive feedback online. It is this reputation which you need to craft carefully. It may only take one or two negative reviews to damage your business’ reputation. Negative reviews will cause customers to turn away from your brand.

Use High Quality Materials

If you’re delivering a product, it’s vital that you utilise high quality packaging materials. It is irrelevant whether your business operates on a commercial or individual scale – decent packaging is important. When you are sending fragile items through the post, ensure that you use cushioning polystyrene from top quality foam packaging suppliers – or an environmentally friendly alternative.

It’s a good idea to spend a little extra money to ensure safe transit of your products. Imagine purchasing sub-par packaging materials, only for your items to arrive damaged… It would be a false economy, without a doubt. Chances are, your customer base will be willing to pay a little more for shipping, when they are certain that their product will arrive safely.

Online Presence

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to have a strong online presence. Customer service isn’t simply about delivering on time – you need to communicate with your customers in a timely manner. Social media channels give you the perfect platform from which to do this.

If a customer tweets you, it’s essential that you respond immediately to meet your customer’s expectations. These public forums are highly visible to other potential customers. They will be keen to see how you deal with any complaints, queries and questions. On social media, use a more informal tone. It’s fine to be chatty, so link to relevant content that may encourage sales. Excellent customer service is about developing your brand, and making your company appear exceptional in all fields.

Finally, follow this guide and make sure that your company is a business that prides itself on putting customers first.

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