If you’re ready to break up with the 9 to 5 schedule, and ready to start a career as a content creator and blogger… It is important that your mental and physical health is ready for the challenges ahead. Full time blogging isn’t as easy as people seem to assume it is.

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Fit For Full Time Blogging

My friends and family have admitted to having imagined me sat in my PJs tapping away from bed. People have seen this false “reality” portrayed online. They describe a blogger sitting in their nightwear and making money on the sofa. In reality, full time blogging is not that easy. A lot of research and planning should go into your business setup. You have to protect your health – Especially in the first few stressful months. Find out more below.

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Scheduled Exercise and Breaks

You can’t work 24/7, and sitting by the computer will put a lot of pressure on your joints. Chances are, you want to start a home based business to achieve a better work-life balance. Including having more time for yourself and your family. So this means that you will have to create a daily schedule that will help you manage. Juggling your workload, health and spending time doing what you enjoy doing, is a constant challenge. Schedule exercise routines in the morning and the afternoon to improve your productivity and concentration. For me, this means a dog walk.

Measurable Goals

You might have been told that you can achieve great success in just a few weeks. In reality, for 99% of cases, this is simply impossible. You have to start your business with the end results in mind. However it is also crucial that you break down your end target into smaller, measurable goals. Create a content diary and social media calendar to ensure you are staying consistent. Playing catch up with your marketing will lead to you stressing yourself out.

Eye Tests

One of the things that is likely to suffer while you are working online is your eyesight. It is important that you visit your optician for regular eye tests. While you’re there, ask for recommendations on protective measures and prescriptions for computer glasses.

You don’t have to look like a geek, either – if you don’t want to! There are some great fashionable designs available at International Eyewear to help you make the most out of your looks and your vision. Firstly, find the style and design you are comfortable with. Secondly, ensure that you can avoid glare from the computer screen by setting up your workstation and lighting carefully.

Stress Management

When you launch a business, it is important that you develop stress management mechanisms and routines. So having solutions on standby helps massively here. Make sure you have your server information saved securely. Try to find a blogging guru who can help with advice on plugins and backups, too.

Firstly, from setting daily intentions to prioritising your tasks in your blogging business. Secondly, from improving your productivity to sharpening your skills, there are plenty of ways you can look after your mental health.

Starting full time blogging is not as easy as some people claim. Finally, you will have to create a detailed plan, a consistent brand, and content strategy, while making sure you avoid burning out or developing stress related health issues.