Could you live without your phone for a day? Or a week? Quite probably the answer is a resounding no and the reason isn’t because you need to make calls, it’s because of those amazing additions we carry around in our smartphones: Apps. Today I am sharing some of my favourite apps every blogger needs! We can’t live without apps these days, and it’s hardly surprising! From App-based banking to carrying around your entire music collection, Apps are the most convenient way to get things done, on the move.

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Apps every blogger needs

In this blog post, I’m sharing some of the best Apps out there for business… Whether you’re a blogger or run your own website, app development has never made working for yourself more fun.


WordPress is undoubtedly the giant when it comes to blogging. The App allows access to your site, to make changes on the go. Far from being a poorer version of the desktop version… The WordPress App is every bit as instinctive and easy to use as its bigger brother. When it comes to apps every blogger needs, WordPress is top of my list! In my opinion, it’s an absolute must for today’s connected blogger.


Or ‘If This Then That’, to give it it’s full title! This App gets your social media platforms talking to one another. It is available on the iOS or Android platforms, so almost everyone can try it! You can set IFTTT to automatically transfer your saved photos to various services, including Dropbox or Instagram. IFTTT makes managing your online presence more streamlined than ever.

Google Analytics

You’re serious about blogging, you need to know your reach and engagement levels. So by installing the Google Analytics App, you’ll have access to your stats night and day. Analytics is the go-to place for seeing how your site is performing. Happily, it’s no less useful as an App than the full version.

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This App is my favourite for scheduling in my social media tweets and posts. I’d definitely say it’s worthy of a mention as one of the apps every blogger needs. It allows you to select your dates and times and allows you to add images… So you’re all set for a day of social media engagement once you’ve finished scheduling. The app is fast and easy to use, too! Buffer is a must for Twitter parties too! It allows you to schedule in your engagement, so you’re free to answer queries as they come in!


This is one for the Android users… Colornote is like the note taking function on your phone – only better! It’s more colourful and a little bit more fun. You can use it to make a note of your web content ideas or your draft blog posts. Additionally, you can easily create reminders and to-do lists on the go. It’s like post-it notes in your smartphone!

You might be accused of being too attached to your phone… But when there are all these Apps ready to be downloaded and used… So it’s understandable why it can be hard to tear yourself away. Get your blogging life properly scheduled with Apps that allow you to write down inspiration, ideas and update as you move through your day and even schedule publication at the times you choose.

Use analytics to make sure you’re making the impact you want and get your social media in tune with Apps that sync everything together. Smartphones have never been smarter or more fun.

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