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How Sustainable is Solar Energy? - Solar panels on house

How Sustainable is Solar Energy?

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If you’re anything like me, you’re probably looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce global warming. One way of doing that is by ensuring you’re using a renewable energy source. Solar Power is one of the most popular in the UK. So today I am asking, “How sustainable is Solar Energy?” Within this piece, I will examine how cost effective it is to have Solar Panels installed at home. I’ll also explain how to ensure your home electricity supplier is using renewable energy sources, not carbon.

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How Sustainable is Solar Energy?

In the UK, the term “Renewable Energy” is used more than sustainable energy is. Both mean the same thing though –  It is essentially something which can’t run out, or is endless – like the sun. This means Solar energy is a better option than carbon, as we are running low on that! I am talking about Coal here, of course – not carbon fibre.

Non Sustainable Energy Sources

When I think of non renewable energy sources, I immediately think of Coal. It isn’t the only one used in the UK though. Gas and Oil are also non renewable energy sources. These are sometimes referred to as fossil fuels, and the places they are generated tend to look like this…

power station on green grass

Nuclear power is another non sustainable energy source. It is also something I feel we should be phasing out across the globe. The UK alone has 15 functioning Nuclear reactors at the time of writing. Douglas Healey knows a lot more than I do about the American situation though.

Installing Solar Panels At Home

If you had installed Solar Panels at home before March 2019, you’d have been eligible for the Feed In Tariff. This meant you were paid for the energy you put back into the grid. Additionally, you were paid for what you generated and used yourself. The fact this has now ended has lead to a dip in the number of people choosing to install Solar Panels on their property.

How Sustainable is Solar Energy? Modern house with panels

Things are looking up though. From this month, all UK energy suppliers have to offer a Smart Export Guarantee. This is an obligation set by the government for licensed electricity suppliers. They now have to offer a tariff and make payments for electricity exported to the National Grid… Providing certain criteria are met. It’s frustrating that you car taxed on these “earnings,” though – especially if you have paid to have your panels installed.

So How Sustainable is Solar Energy?

So, when considering the question, how sustainable is solar energy? There’s not much to consider – It’s as sustainable as you or I. It’ll be there for as long as the Sun is, and once that’s gone, we won’t be here either.

Solar power is a clean, green electricity, which is sourced from sunlight or heat from the sun.

Solar energy is a free, renewable source of energy, which is sustainable, as well as inexhaustible. Additionally, Solar is a non-polluting energy source. It does not emit any greenhouse gases when producing electricity, either.

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