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Hotter Shoes Sandals

Hotter Shoes Tourist Cow Print Sandals Review


Anyone who knows me in real life knows I love cow print. It’s been a standing joke for a good 20 years between one of my best friends and I. Whenever she buys me something, you can guarantee it’ll have a cow theme. When I saw the Hotter Shoes Tourist Cow Print Sandals at Blog On back in May, I was instantly in love! So when I was asked to review a pair last month, I was very excited!

Me holding Hotter Shoes Tourist Cow Print Sandals

Cow Print Sandals – What’s Not To Love?

The Hotter Shoes Tourist Cow Print Sandals are available in UK size 3 to 9, and there are plenty of half sizes available too. I received size 7.5 and they fit perfectly. The RRP is £62, but if you’re quick, you can snap some up for £42 in the Summer sale!

The Sandals have a leather upper, cushioned textile lining and a rubber sole. The heel height is 1 inch, and the rubber sole makes these sandals low impact. I love that you can’t feel every stone underfoot, as you walk.

The Tourer Sandals are available in a range of colours, including Coral, Black, Blue, Citrus Yellow and Tan / Brown mix. Wide fitting options are available in some of the colour options, but not in cow print.

My Thoughts

These sandals are super comfy! I usually struggle massively with heel straps causing blisters, but I haven’t had one in these! It’s a Summer miracle! I’ve been living in flip flops for well over a decade, but finally have some more practical sandals which are comfy too! The fabric isn’t leather grain, it’s like actual cow hide. (The photo above shows what I mean). It’s Suede, rather than leather.

Due to them being Suede, I have been reluctant to wear them in the rain. I did manage to wear them when I was doing some guest presenting at BBC Radio Manchester though, and they got lots of love from the team down there!

Hotter Shoes Cow Print Sandals in BBC Studios

Other Cow Print Items

The Cow Print Tourer Sandals aren’t the only item Hotter Shoes are offering in this amazing fabric. There are 2 other sandal designs as well as a purse and a handbag (pictured below)! Unfortunately, the bag and purse seem to be out of stock now, but you can shop the cow print range here.

All told, I love these sandals and can see them being a staple in my Summer wardrobe for years to come. Finally, why not check out more of my reviews here.

cow print sandals, bag and purse


Comments (1):

  1. Kim Carberry

    03/07/2019 at 5:21 pm

    These look fab! What a great design. I do love the cow print. It’s a little bit different.
    I always find it so hard to find comfy sandals. They either rub or are too hard under my feet. These sound great x


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