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Choosing a Floor Standing Display - marketing plan

Choosing a Floor Standing Display For Your Business

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Do you need to display some crucial information at an exhibition your business is attending? Maybe you run a retail store and you are looking for different ways to display your newest products and gather attention? Whatever your requirements may be, when it comes to the visibility of important information… Floor standing display stands are an excellent choice. With that in mind, today I’m sharing tips on choosing a floor standing display for your business.

Vast selection of floor standing display stands to choose from

A quick online search shows there’s a huge selection of floor standing display stands to choose from. Firstly, you can pick from a whole host of designs, materials and colours. Secondly, you then have the option of a stand that displays posters and items in a landscape layout or portrait. As well as all of the popular paper sizes, such as A3 and A4. Additionally, you can then choose between the likes of free-standing systems and contemporary cable displays.

You can also get display stands that have shelves so that you can show off one or two of your products in bespoke packaging. The options really appear limitless. This is great because it means you can find the perfect display stand for your requirements. A stand that accommodates your reason for needing it, that matches with your brand image and indeed your budget as well. Of course, it is not advisable to simply look for the cheapest floor stand you can find. Nobody wants to be presenting their business on poor quality, flimsy sighs, after all. However, with so many companies to choose from nowadays, you won’t struggle to find something that fits in with your budget.

The possibilities are endless with floor standing display stands

One of the great things about floor standing display stands is that they are extremely flexible. They can easily be stored and transported. This means you’re going to get a great amount of use from your display stand. One moment it could be taking prime position in your store, the next day it could be used at an exhibition or art gallery. They are also extremely easy to set up as well. You can change the display as frequently as you would like. There are no restrictions with this form of advertising and thus you are benefiting from a stand that you can continue to use for years and years to come.

This represents on way in which display stands can save you money when contrasted with other ways of displaying information. The lifecycle costs are extremely low. With other forms of advertising you often need to keep re-investing for it to stay relevant. That is not the case with a display stand, as you simply need to update the information that is put inside. You will also save when it comes to transport and storage costs, as well as labour costs – this is because the item is easy to set up as mentioned and thus no training is required. In addition to this, it is unlikely that the display stand itself is going to break the bank. You can find them for sale online at really great prices.

Do you need something you can count on regularly?

There are a whole host of other advantages associated with display stands as well. One of these benefits is the fact that these stands are usually extremely strong and robust. Spending time choosing a floor standing display is important for those that are planning to use the stand on a regular basis. They don’t need to worry about needing a replacement in the near future. These stands also have a small surface area. They do not take up much floor space. This is great for small stores and spaces, which is often what you will have when taking part in a trade show or an exhibition.

Adapt your ad to suit you; a flexible marketing solution

As briefly touched upon, one of the main reasons why display stands are so highly sought after is because of the user’s ability to change the marketing ad to suit them. Display stands are entirely customisable. Firstly, you can print the adverts / information with any design you like. Secondly, you don’t even need to use a professional printing company. Additionally, you can do it yourself, which is great for those that are on a restricted budget. It also means that last minute changes can be possible. This is especially the case when you consider how easy this item is to set up – it will take you no more than 30 seconds!

All in all, display stands are extremely beneficial for all types of businesses. This is an item that everyone should consider investing in. After all, you are going to get a great deal of use out of your stand. You never know when you may need to display some important information or advertise something, and it is unlikely that a display stand will ever be an unsuitable method of doing so. Moreover, they present cost savings, are extremely flexible yet highly robust, and available in a whole host of designs for you to select from. This is the ultimate solution in the world of display.

Finally, I hope this post on choosing a floor standing display has been useful.

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