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gifts that keep on giving

Gifts which keep on giving

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Some people like to receive gifts, while others prefer to give. I definitely get the most pleasure from giving them. I like to put a lot of thought into gifts, and make them special for the recipients. With that in mind, I thought I would compile a blog post full of suggestions for gifts which keep on giving. I asked some fellow bloggers for ideas, and this post is the result!

Gifts Which Keep On Giving…

I asked some fellow bloggers for gifts which keep on giving ideas, and this blog post is the result!

Gift For Children…

gifts which keep on giving

Kit from reusable family recommended a wobble board. He said it’s a “fun and opened ended toy suitable for newborns until the weigh over 300kg!” – This sounds like something my own son would love!

Elaine from fun as a gran suggested a Disney Life subscription. At £5 a month, I think this gift idea is brilliant for families with young children (and big kids)! You can add up to 10 devices per subscription too, so the £60 annual cost could be split between several children to make it more affordable too.

Gifts For Families…

gifts which keep on giving

SuzyJen and Anisa recommended Annual passes to local attractions, English Heritage or National Trust. I love this idea! Jen said she has pooled the money the family has received in previous years to buy Merlin Passes. We’ve done this too before – it’s much better than just buying more toys! I’d say these definitely count as gifts which keep on giving!

Amy at all about a mummy came up with a brilliant idea – An amazon Echo! We’ve got two of these, and I agree – they are brilliant! (As long as the recipient has an amazon music subscription anyway).

Lauren over at sophiesnursery.com said… “I often buy Netflix subscriptions for the family – they can watch as many shows as they like all year round, and you can do with NOW TV, Amazon Prime etc as well. All of them are really good for long-term gifts.”

Gifts For Grown Ups…

gifts which keep on giving

Kaya from earning by the sea suggested subscription boxes, as the recipient will receive a surprise each month for the whole year. I love this idea, but the boxes do tend to be on the expensive side. Maybe they’d be a great main Christmas gift for teenagers or adult children, though?

Russell of origami expressions said… “If you know anyone who’s into (or wants to start) paper folding, you can buy an annual subscription to the British Origami Society. Regular magazines and folding ideas for all abilities, invites to meet-ups up and down the country. Electronic memberships available as well for anyone outside the country”. That’s definitely not something they’ll be expecting to find under their tree!

Penny from asshes tumbles along came up with a brilliant idea as well – “Supporting a social enterprise such as Harry Specters chocolate makers – by buying chocolates from them you get a yummy gift AND support someone with autism into employment!” As an Autism mum, I was particularly moved by this one!

Gifts For Couples…

gifts which keep on giving

Claire at daily deals blog suggested a wine or gin making kit. The recipient will have fun making the alcohol and in turn be able to show off the fruits of their labour. They can also supply the alcohol for next Chrstmas’ family get together. Win-win, and they’ll definitely qualify as gifts which keep on giving!

Sass fromThinking out loud said doing a charity subscription, or depositing money to a local charity in your loved ones names. Not only will you be giving something to your local community, but your friends or family members will feel touched that you donated in their name instead of giving them a unneeded present. I love this idea! When my Dad passed away, I donated to our local children’s hospice every year in his name, until my kids arrived.

Hayley at Devon Mama came up with a subscription for The Spicery. She said… “They do amazing subscription boxes that contain recipes, the spices and a shopping list to make delicious takeaway style meals at home. We’ve had and given the Friday Night Curry one so many times. Each month, a new box turns up through the letterbox. We tend to invite friends round to make it as it’s a huge meal but such a lovely way of trying new things, ridiculously easy to do and lots of different options for subscriptions now… including a date night one!” – These sound amazing!

Gifts Which Cost Nothing…

gifts which keep on giving

Jo over at Tea and cake for the soul suggested a monthly personal gift voucher. For example, you’ll walk the recipient’s dog, babysit, cook a meal, do their housework or something for them once a month or bimonthly. These sound so thoughtful, and don’t cost anything either! I love this idea!

My Ideas…

I personally love to do some festive crafts with the kids, and give those to relatives. My Aunt still proudly displays the festive photos I have printed off as well.

Magazine Subscriptions are a brilliant idea for big kids and small ones alike! If you know what sort of thing the recipient likes, they are sure to appreciate their magazine landing on the doormat month after month. They don’t have to cost the earth either. A quick google can usually bring up some decent discounts! (I got 12 issues of Radio times for £1 last month)!

I am also a massive fan of giving older family members those book of my life journals. The book prompts them to write about various things in their life, so at the end they’ve basically written their life story. These will be something family members will love to read, and they’ll be treasured for generations to come!

Do you have any other ideas for gifts which keep on giving?

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  1. Jo

    01/12/2018 at 5:02 pm

    Fabulous post Tina. Thank you for including me. Some great ideas here and I love the life journal idea.


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