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Adding Traditional Style To A New Build Home

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Our house was built in 2005. It’s a 3 storey Mews style home, and it has the same windows and doors as every other house on the estate. While they aren’t exactly ugly to look at, I am more of a fan of traditional features. Unfortunately for us, moving isn’t an option thanks to negative equity. With that in mind, we’ve been looking for ways of adding traditional style to a new build home.

*Collaborative Post* 

Adding Traditional Style To Doors:

adding traditional style The first thing I’d change is the front door. It’s a solid wood door with a glass panel semi circle at the top. This door lets next to no light in, and our hallway is extremely dark as a result. I’f rather have something with more glass, and a more traditional style… Like the one pictured here! I thing adding traditional style to your new build home makes them more individual.

Window Choices:

Our windows are another thing high up my list of things I want to change. At the moment, we have mostly single door opening windows. These are great for evacuating in an emergency, but it’s next to impossible to have them open and keep the kids and dogs safe when you live in a 3 storey home. Summer is usually a long, hot season on our 2nd floor!

With that in mind, I have spent a great many hours looking at alternative window styles. I’d love to be able to go for these replacement sash windows, but unfortunately, they aren’t practical when you have 2 dogs and 2 young children to keep safe. My plan B is a more likely to be in the Georgian style. When I was a child, I always drew a + symbol in the middle of windows on the houses I drew. Each window was effectively split into quarters. I have always loved that style of window.

When I was a child, it was fashionable to put lead diamonds onto your windows. While I don’t dislike this as such. I have always preferred the more traditional look of wooden beading separating each small pane of glass. Like this…

Adding Traditional Style To The Kitchen:

When it comes to the interior of our home, the biggest changes will need to happen in the kitchen. At the moment, it is black gloss and very modern looking. I long for a country kitchen setup – I’m thinking Range cooker, cream or ivory cabinets and solid wood worktops. (I’d go for lighter cabinets, and not traditional wood finishes to try to keep the room as light as possible).

We have solid wood worktops now, and I love them. To be honest, I’d be happy to just keep them, and replace the doors and end panels on the units. I think replacing or even wrapping kitchen doors and worktops is a great option to add a little traditional styling to your home.

We have built in appliances at the moment, but I would go back to freestanding ones. Built in ones are a total headache – we’ve and one problem after another with them.

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