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Finding Romance In Your Local Area

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Autumn is pretty much here now. So alongside the pumpkin spice lattes and Parkin comes a sudden surge in singles looking for a date. There’s something about the longer, colder evenings which seem to make most humans want to find someone to snuggle up with. I’m no exception to that myself. You can’t beat a roaring fire, box set and someone to cuddle up on the sofa with. So with that in mind, today I am discussing finding romance in your local area. Read on for some suggestions of places to go to find Mr or Miss Right (or Right Now, if you prefer).

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Finding Romance In Your Local Area

Swiping left and right is all well and good when you mostly want some online fun. However, when you’re looking for someone to cuddle up with, it’s not necessarily the way to go. Whether you’re looking for someone on the Oxfordshire Dating Scene, or in the middle of Soho, there’s bound to be a local website to meet your needs. It seems that smaller, more localised sites are the place to go to find steady romance in your local area now. So if you’re bored of swiping and casual encounters, it might be worth looking for a more niche site. Don’t worry if you’re not looking for a Date In Oxfordshire either. Once you’ve registered, you can type in your postcode and it’ll find singles local to your area.

Blind Dates

When I hear the term “Blind Date”, I immediately think of the cheesy 1980’s – 90’s TV show. Come on – We all loved a bit of Cilla on a Saturday night. Don’t be afraid of letting your friends set you up on a blind date – you can always ask for their mobile number in advance, to see if there’s any chemistry there. I can’t promise the match maker won’t wish you a “lorra lorra luck, and a lorra lorra laughs”, but I am fairly confident in promising no shoulder pads will be required!

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Autumn Fun

This is the perfect time to get involved with local community events. Whether you head down to the local pub’s Halloween disco, or your local community Bonfire… Both are great locations to scout for potential dates. Halloween is the ideal time to take a few risks and show your naughty side – if you have one. While Bonfire Night is all about looking for someone to keep you warm. Both lend themselves perfectly to finding someone to keep you company…


If you don’t fancy getting cosy at home on your own, you could always consider doing some volunteering. Soup kitchens in particular are always looking for extra hands when the weather turns. You never know – as well as getting a warm glow from giving back to those in need in your local community… You might just meet Mr Right too!

Finally, if these tips on finding romance in your local area have been useful, why not check out my relationships category here.


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