I’ve written a few poems over the years, over on my other blog. With it being National Poetre Day today, I thought I’d share some here. The two which spring to mind are the ones I wrote when my parents passed away. I am no poet. I write for me, not for others. It was years before anybody saw the one I wrote for my Dad.

Poems to my parents:

If you’re not in the mood for a trip down my own memory lane, feel free to skip reading these poems. They do celebrate the good times though, so it’s unlikely to cause a total tear – fest!

My Dad died suddenly on Valentines day in 2007. He was 54 and my best friend. It hit me really hard. I wrote this poem when I was trying to process having no Dad to celebrate Father’s Day with…

My Dad

“Fishing was his life-time love
He’d sit there rain or shine.
And if he caught not one thing,
Well that was just plain fine!

Sometimes he went there by himself
And sometimes with his friend
Occasionally he took us kids
But there the fun would end!

He also loved his Football
Man United all the way
He loved it when they won a match
Champi-onees he would say.”

(You can read the rest here)

poems about my parents

I wrote this next poem a couple of days after losing my mum suddenly in 2016. She went into hospital with a suspected infection and stopped breathing while myself and my 4 year old son were sat talking to her in A&E. Of course, that left me completely shocked and struggling to process things, so writing helped massively.

My Mum

I remember sitting on the kitchen worktop, while you brushed my hair.
I remember you sitting me there to kiss my poorly knees better.
I remember the tantrums I threw because I didn’t want to go to school and leave you.
I remember walking to the butchers for our favourite treat – Black pudding.

I remember you putting coin after coin in the rides outside the supermarket.
I remember you watching Button Moon with me, every single day.
I remember you helping me make Elastics to play with my friends.
I remember us feeding the ducks in the park.

I remember you cuddling me when I threw up all over a train.
I remember you throwing huge halloween parties for all the local kids.
I remember us baking – pies, tarts and cakes.
I remember us holding hands whenever we walked.

(You can read the rest of that here.) 

I have written so many poems over the years, it’s crazy. Most never get further than the notes section on my phone though. Have you ever wrote your own poems? I’d love to read them, so feel free to share in the comments.

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