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When I heard about Blogtober, I knew I had to join in. The idea is: Mandi over at Big Family Chaos has put together a list of daily prompts. I write a blog post each day, based on that day’s prompt. (The full list is at the bottom of this post). Today’s prompts were, “All about me / A Year Later.”Β For day 1, I have chosen All about me….

All About Me…

So Hello….. I’m Tee (or Tina when I’m in trouble). I’ve been blogging since 2009, in various places.

all about me - hello

I started off with a weight loss blog, which saw me lose over 60lb and make lots of online friends all over the world. It saw me get married, lose a baby and then get pregnant with my first child. I felt like a fraud then, so gave up blogging when I was about 4 months pregnant.

From Weight To Parent Blogger…

When my son was born, I stumbled upon parent bloggers, which was still a fairly new thing in 2011. I immediately decided I needed to start one for us, as I missed having somewhere to express myself. Hubby is definitely the technical one. He set up MotherGeek.co.uk for me, and I have blogged there ever since.

Now the kids are both in full time school, I found myself being less “mum” and more “Tee” than I had in a long time. It felt fraudulent writing about “me” on a parent blog, so GirlsGospel was born.

From Hobby To Career…

I now work from home as a blogger and copywriter. It’s perfect as it means I can be here for my family, and our dogs (did I mention I have 2 needy boxer pups)?

I’m almost 35 now and am definitely feeling my age. I’m embracing my grey hair at the moment – in fact, I’m getting grey highlights tomorrow to fully embrace the grey. EEK!

That’s about it for today. If I waffle on too much today, I won’t have anything to share tomorrow! Here’s the list of daily prompts – why not join in too?

Blogtober list

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