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man on bed, woman holding handcuffs. Are women more adventurous in bed now?

Are women more adventurous in the bedroom now?

Relationships and Sex

Recently, I am noticing more and more talk about what women are up to in the bedroom. This has made me wonder… Are women more adventurous in the bedroom now? I’m 30 something, and have never really discussed my bedroom antics with my friends. I am, by no means a prude, but it’s just not something I ever discussed in depth. So when I was recently asked how long it took me to orgasm, I was somewhat taken aback.

Disclaimer: This is a partnered post. 

Are women more adventurous in the bedroom now?

I was a big fan of the 50 shades of Grey series, and that book trilogy definitely got women talking. Did you read those books? My husband was pretty pleased when he spotted it on the nightstand, that’s for sure! I suspect it definitely opened up discussions in many other marriages too. Ana Steele seems to have inspired a generation of women to explore more than traditional “vanilla” bedroom antics…!

Vanilla is so last season.

A single friend recently told me she had decided she didn’t want to get into another serious relationship. Instead, she’d been doing some bdsm dating. She explained the site is just like a regular dating site, but without all the lies. She likes that she can be honest, and that she can meet up somewhere safe, have an incredible night and not have to worry about them calling back, or what comes next.

man handcuffing woman on bed - Are women more adventurous in bed now?

I’m all for women being able to play safely, so I can see the appeal. I’m happily married, so I won’t be discussing my BDSM hookups any time soon.

Healthy Sex Life Benefits

It’s not just young women being more adventurous in the bedroom now either – I read this article recently which said that over 50s are having the most adventurous sex of their lives. I can understand that. The kids have flown the nest, and suddenly couples have all this free time to fill…! We all know Sex is a great way to relieve stress, so why not experiment and discover new things together?

Intimacy isn’t just good for reducing your stress levels either. A healthy sex life can help to keep your heart healthy, and reduce your blood pressure. Research in Pennsylvania found that people who had regular sex, had higher levels of an important illness-fighting substance in their bodies… Immunoglobulin A. The levels were 30% higher in those who had sex once or twice a week, than in those who had none at all. (Don’t get too excited though – stroking a dog has the same effect on your immunoglobulin A levels).

Body Confidence

It goes without saying that confidence plays a big part in women feeling empowered enough to explore different things in the bedroom. While I have always been open to trying lots of things, talking about them is another matter entirely. The recent body confidence movement definitely seems to have opened up more discussion about bodies, sex and confidence.

What do you think? Are you talking about sex more, or open to trying more things in the bedroom? Finally, why not check out my other relationships and sex posts here?

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