If you’re anything like us, space is of a premium in your garden. Whether you don’t have space for a shed, or your budget won’t stretch to one… There are solutions out there. With that in mind, today I’m sharing 5 thrifty garden storage hacks – which won’t break the bank!

5 Thrifty Garden Storage Hacks

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1). Storage Buckets

Plastic toys are my absolute nemesis. Between the kids and the dogs, out garden is constantly littered with plastic tat. How about upcyclng an old shelving unit and then using buckets to keep the kids (or dogs) garden toys tidied away between use?

Which Of These Thrifty Garden Storage Hacks Is Your Favourite?

When it comes to space saving garden ideas, I could go on forever. Today, we’re focussing on small garden hacks which don’t break the bank though. I love the idea of repurposing old objects like in the next of these garden storage hacks.

2). Storage Under Seating

This bench from B&Q is just one option. This one costs £90. You can easily fit your gardening tools in here, or the cushions from your outdoor seating. We have foldable picnic chairs in ours, so we can literally pack them away when they aren’t needed.

If you cant stretch your budget that far, what about getting the tools out and making your own?

3). Pallet Gardening Table

I remember my Grandad having one of these on the back of his brick shed many years ago. It was his potting bench, and he loved that it could be hidden out of sight when not in use.

My grandad’s had padlocks on the sides, so it stayed shut flush with the wall. This also meant the grandkids couldn’t get hurt by it.

I’m pretty sure my Grandad’s had a door on the front too, so he could store seeds and small tools inside the front pallet. Double whammy of space saving storage!

4). A Vertical Herb Garden

Rather than using valuable space in your garden for your herbs, why not opt for a vertical herb garden? This cute one was made with an old pallet and some paint! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

5). Garden Planter Storage

If you’re handy with a saw, how about whipping up some of these garden planter storage boxes? I love the one pictured below, showing the concealed hose pipe. (The hosepipe is by far the most unsightly thing in our garden, and I hate those wall mounted reels).

Finally, I hope these thrifty garden storage hacks have been useful. Why not check out my lifestyle category for more ideas and suggestions.