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Dear Prince Archie, May I begin by saying welcome to the world! Also, while you’re not technically a Prince just yet, you’re definitely a Royal baby. As such, you’ll spend you’re life under the scrutiny of people who don’t know you and will probably never meet you.

Dear Prince Archie

I feel I must be honest before I continue… I’m not a huge fan of the Royal Family. I don’t dislike anyone specifically, I just don’t buy into the hype of Royal weddings and such like. Especially when people are starving to death, and there is such a lack of support to the most vulnerable members of society. That said, your Dad is probably the only one I actually do like. Your Uncle William’s ok too, I guess. I like that they are trying to be more relatable to most people, and opening up about their lives and struggles. I suspect we’ve got your Grandmother, Diana to thank for that.

You are only a week old, and you’ve already been compared to a Monkey. Please accept my heartfelt apologies for the ignorant people you’re likely to encounter in your lifetime. You’re a baby. You’re beautiful – as are all babies. You didn’t ask to be born into the Royal Family, any more than I asked to have an alcoholic Mother. Some people are ugly on the inside, and unfortunately, those people will see your Mum’s skin colour as the most important thing in your life.

Silly Questions

Dear Prince Archie, your parents were asked some pretty silly questions earlier this week. I’ve been a mum for 8 year now, and want to say… There’s no such thing as a “Bad Baby”. Some babies don’t sleep great, others do. They are both still perfect.

Your Mum wore a white dress when she showed you off to the world. She looked great. But she’d have looked great in an NHS gown, so I really don’t understand why that’s news. I’m sure as soon as you got home, she was straight into her “comfies”, like every other new mum! Chances are, she’s been binge watching box sets while trying to settle you to sleep at 3am. And if she hasn’t… LUCKY HER! I hope she doesn’t get lulled into a false sense of security though.

Some Advice

Dear Prince Archie… If I could offer you one piece of advice, it would be this… Be kind to everyone. My only wish is that everyone else would return the gesture. Before you were born, I hoped, more than anything that you are never subjected to any racism. Unfortunately, It was less than a week into your life before a supposed “influencer” was fired from his job at the BBC for doing just that.

Please know that the majority of the people in the country you call home are delighted by your arrival. Even those, like me who aren’t big royalists are happy to see your parents happy. Any baby being born healthy is a cause for celebration in my eyes. So I just want to say, one more time… WELCOME PRINCE ARCHIE!

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