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For the first time in a very long time, I am feeling optimistic about the future.


I have always lived my life in the here and now. I’m reluctant to plan anything for fear of letting anyone down or being let down. I’m a special needs mum who has depression and exhaustion to deal with. This means I usually make plans day to day, so I know how I’m feeling and can plan accordingly).

After living like this for the past 5 years, I have realised that I haven’t really been living… I have been existing. If I want to break the depression circle, I need to get out of my comfort zone. I have done several things in recent weeks to push myself into doing this….

What Changed?

Firstly, I had a long talk with hubby (who also has some serious health issues to deal with). We decided he should reduce his working hours and take on more of the caring at home. I would then be free to put more time into my blog, and earn an income from it.

I also set up GirlsGospel with the intention of slowly growing it as a lifestyle blog. This is a space where I can be me, rather than “mum” – if that makes sense? I’ve found myself writing far more content than I had planned for GirlsGospel, and it is picking up traffic and readers faster than I imagined. (That’s only because I have been reading and commenting on so many other blogs. I’m not kidding myself into thinking this is a super blog, or anything, don’t worry)!

optimistic looking woman

While these changes may seem small to some, they appear to have made a massive difference to my outlook and my depression. I guess I feel useful again, because I am contributing to the family income. (I was going back to work once our youngest turned 1 – Then our son was diagnosed with Autism, so that plan was no longer an option). My depression kicked in around the time I realised I couldn’t physically do a 9-5 and be up all night with our son, as well as attend all his appointments and get him to and from school 11 miles from home.

So for me, I guess I feel optimistic about being a contributor again. Being able to lighten hubby’s load and help make ends meet has definitely left me feeling more optimistic about the future.

Fingers crossed it’ll continue!

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