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If you are a self tanner, chances are you’ve ended up with brown stains on your bed sheets at least once. The team behind Tannco have made that a thing of the past, though! Read on to find out more about the Tannco bed sheet, and how you can win one of your own!

How Does The Tannco Bed Sheet Work?

Rather than spending ages explaining how it works, this video shows you exactly how to use the sheet, and why you need one…

FYI: This is a paid giveaway. 

The set is available in Black or Silver, and each is made from 100% Habutai Art Silk. So this luxurious, vegan-friendly bedding protects your sheets while protecting your tan!

“Because unlike your ex, we’re actually good in bed”

Best business strap line ever!

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With an RRP of £34.99, these are great value! (No more ruined bedding means it’ll pay for itself in several uses… If your self tanning experiences are as messy as my own). I love that the Tannco bed sheet is washable, and it zips closed, sleeping bag style. This means your bedding is super safe! Each order includes free delivery too, making them even better value!

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Tannco comes in a beautiful gift box, as well as a storage pouch. So it’s super easy to store between uses, as well as small enough to pop into your suitcase when you’re travelling. Tannco is reusable, machine washable, fast drying and lightweight too – what’s not to love! The clever design means it fits any size of bed too. So you’re covered whether you’re sleeping in a single, double, king or even super king size – Hurrah!

How To Enter

To be in with winning a Tannco bed sheet, please fill in the Gleam form below. Remember to comment below, with which colour option you’d like, too!

Please Note: This giveaway is only open to UK residents age 18 and over.

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