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What Type Of Neighbour Are You?


I am always very curious about people and how they relate with it each other. Especially in communities where people engage regularly with each other. Have you ever wondered what type of neighbour you are? Personally, I like to people watch, dear reader. Which is why according to a fabulous quiz created by giffgaff, I happen to be a “Curtain Twitcher”..and I couldn’t agree with this more! 

What Type Of Neighbour Are You? – Do The Quiz And See

You can find the quiz hereand not only does it tell you what neighbour type you are but also your perfect neighbourly match. Not bad huh? Make sure to share your result below, as I am so curious to see everyone’s results! 

To go alongside this quiz giffgaff performed a nationwide which found that relations between a British adult and their nearest neighbours is on average a surprising seven out of ten. So not all doom and gloom that the media would have you believe! 

In fact, giffgaff commissioned the survey to break the myth that we live in  “urban solitude” and to celebrate modern neighbourhood relationships that bring communities together. 

A spokesperson for giffgaff said: “Community is at the heart of everything that we do here at giffgaff – after all, we are the mobile network run by you. This is why we wanted to get a better understanding of how communities in modern Britain feel about each other. As a result, we’ve managed to quash the myth that we now live in urban solitude and we are in fact a lot more connected with each other than one would initially think.”

type of neighbour - man and woman talking over coffee

The Study Findings

The study found that most neighbourly communication is done the old fashioned way, with a natter over the garden fence (34%) the way most catch up, followed by a chat on the way to work (24%) and a shared pot of tea (13%). As a very chatty person who loves tea,  I can relate. Yet 7% of Brits have a digital neighbourhood messaging group. 

That’s not to say we all get on all the time… With four in ten of us admitting they’ve had rows with our neighbours on occasion. 

However, a happy 16% say they love their neighbours. Around one in eight (12%) say their neighbours are some of their best friends . While 6% even admit they have a secret crush on their neighbours. 

So what are your thoughts on the data above? Do you agree – or are your relationships with your neighbours completely different? Either way, at least we know the community is alive and well in these interesting political times. Finally, why not check out more of my lifestyle blog posts here. 


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