week 1 of veganuary - writing

I can’t believe I have already completed week 1 of Veganuary – it has flown by! I’m going to share my experiences so far in this blog post. The first thing I have found is that after 7 days, I definitely feel less sluggish! I seem to have more energy and am definitely getting more work done. That could be down to the fact I have upped my veg intake massively, rather than cutting dairy out, though.

Biggest Fail Of Week 1 Of Veganuary

My week started with me swapping cow’s milk for soya milk. By day 3, I was feeling really poorly. I was itchy, had stomach cramps and nausea. It got to the point where I was being sick when I added soya milk to anything, so I realised I must be Soya intolerant. Typical! If anyone’s going to be allergic to the most popular dairy substitute, it’s me!

Once I ditched the Soya Milk, I immediately began feeling much better! By day 5, I felt better than I have in a long time! On day 5, I ate the Marks & Spencer Vegan lasagne I had purchased on day 1. I quickly realised this was a mistake as I felt poorly very soon after. After checking the ingredients, I realised its made from soya milk. Whoops! Thankfully, the stomach ache passed within a few hours this time – I won’t be buying that again, though!

week 1 of Veganuary - M&S vegan food packaging lay on table

Favourite Foods This Week

I have been exploring a lot of convenience foods this week. I went to M&S on day 1 and bought plenty of bits to see me through the week. The Mushroom Pie was absolutely delicious!

I’d never have guessed it was vegan! I had the Roast Aubergine on a wrap, and it was lovely too. It went really far, and I could easily have made 4 wraps from it if I’d added salad to them.

Not pictured, but amazing nonetheless is the M&S Vegan coleslaw! I’ll definitely be buying more of that!

I blogged about my Vegan Ferrero Rocher mug cake recipe a few days ago. This was by far my favourite dessert during week 1 of Veganuary!

What Have I Missed?

Honestly: Nothing. I thought I’d really miss chocolate, but I have been more than satisfied with Vegan Mug Cakes and the Aldi version of Oreos (Which are vegan). I haven’t even craved pizza yet! It’s weird!

Any Slip Ups?

Hubby pointed out to me the other day that the Honey roasted peanuts I was eating weren’t vegan. I totally forgot Honey isn’t allowed. Whoops. I won’t be buying those again.

I have had to stop myself from finishing the kids’ leftovers a couple of times, but as of yet, I am 100% dairy and egg free – YAY!

What Is Veganuary?

The idea of Veganuary is to become Vegan for January (or for 31 days, starting in January). The Vegan diet involves cutting meat, dairy and eggs completely from your diet, and living a plant based life. If you want to take it to the next level, you can ditch Honey, leather and suede too.

Finally… I am feeling confident as we go into week 2. I’ll share another update next week. Meanwhile, you can follow my progress on instagram here.