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Top 5 quiet travel destinations


Travelling: a great chance to broaden your mind and experience an entirely different culture. However, if your partying days are behind you and you’re looking for a more tranquil holiday experience, there are so many amazing countries you can explore. With that in mind, today I’m sharing the top 5 quiet travel destinations.
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The Top 5 Quiet Travel Destinations

So in no particular order… Here are the top five countries you and your loved ones should visit if you prefer quiet travel destinations.

1). The Northern Mariana Islands

canoe on water - quiet travel destinations

Photo by Vincent Camacho on Unsplash

When it comes to a peaceful holiday, nothing beats a trip to The Northern Mariana Islands. With a small population of only 69,000 people, peace and tranquillity are guaranteed which might be why the islands have seen a 37.3% growth in tourism over the last few years.

The landscape is simply breathtaking and everywhere you look, you’ll see an eclectic mix of lush greenery and domineering mountains. Simply surrounding yourself in the beauty of nature is enough to unwind and enjoy a more tranquil travel experience. With 14 very different islands to choose from in the area, go on a boating adventure and explore them all.

Quiet Travel Destinations – Where Should You Go?

2). Canada

canada maple leaf painted on wall - quiet travel destinations

Photo by Ali Tawfiq on Unsplash

If you’re looking for culture, adventure and a really relaxing getaway, then look no further than the amazing country of Canada. The country is well known for its art museums and exhibitions, which you could easily spend hours exploring and analysing.

The Royal BC Museum is the largest in British Columbia and contains artefacts that date back to the ice age. For a truly quiet travel experience, hire out a car and roam the winding roads of Saskatchewan and simply enjoy the tranquillity of the journey.

3. Laos

lake and mountains with 2 small boats.

Photo by Ioana Farcas on Unsplash

This country is like Thailand’s quieter cousin. So it’s a great destination for travellers wanting to get away from it all and relax. Laos is a particularly popular hiking destination for those looking for an endurance challenge with some great views on the way.

Many solo travellers take on ‘the 100 waterfalls’ trekking route that is littered with varied landscapes and cascading waterfalls. The health benefits of yoga and meditation are innumerable, which is why more people are opting to go on a wellness holiday. If you find yourself in Laos, why not practise yoga for yourself on the stunning beaches or mountainous peaks?

4. Austria

Austria lake with mountains behind

Photo by Joss Woodhead on Unsplash

Austria looks like it’s been plucked straight out of a fairy-tale. Firstly, everywhere you look there are rolling hills and even picturesque castles. Additionally, Movie buffs will be in their element in Austria… Who wouldn’t want to leisurely explore the country where ‘The Sound of Music’ was made.

If relaxing with a glass of wine in hand is your idea of a perfect holiday, then Austria is the place for you. Wine tasting is the most popular tourist activity in the country.

5. Iceland

Northern lights in Iceland

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

If you prefer a more snow-filled adventure, then Iceland has to make it onto your travel bucket list. Here, you’ll get to witness one of the natural wonders of the world. Of course, that’s the Aurora Borealis, and even stay a night in an iconic ice hotel. In Iceland, it’s really hard not to feel relaxed and at one with nature.

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