Firstly, although the start of the year can be great for making goals, it can also be overwhelming for those that do not want to set any goals in stone. Whether they didn’t achieve their goals last year, or they simply don’t know what to set… The pressure at this time of year can be unbelievable. With that in mind, today I am sharing some simple tips for a happier and healthier 2019.  If you’ve not worked out your 2019 goals yet, why not work towards increasing your happiness? Sounds perfect, right?

*Collaborative Post*

Tips for a happier and healthier 2019

My main aims for this year are wanting to spend 2019 being both happy and healthy. It involves no high numbers, no crazy goals and absolutely no tracking whatsoever. All I’m going to do is work towards making a few simple changes, while putting absolutely no pressure on myself.

If you want to join in, here are some small changes you too can make, to ensure you have a happier and healthier 2019…

Spend Time With The People You Love

Although it may seem obvious… Spending time with the people you love is one of the best ways to ensure you’re living a life that is happy. If you lead a busy lifestyle, make sure you find time to see your family and friends, as they’re the ones that truly matter to you.

Firstly, you could organise fun get-togethers, or even go on day trips, to make sure you’re spending quality time with people who inspire you and make you happy. These don’t have to cost a lot, either. A Family picnic in the park is just as fun as a theme park visit.

happier and healthier 2019 - picnic blanket covered in food

Do The Things That Make You Happy

Similar to the first point, doing things which make you happy is key to having a happier and healthier 2019. Although it may seem like something you may do already, think about whether you said yes to all the opportunities you wanted to in 2018. Did you have a chance to do everything you wanted? Obviously, quitting work and travelling the world may not be doable tomorrow… But you could certainly set about saving up to make it an achievable goal.

Practice Self Care and Put Yourself First

Self-care is an incredibly important practice, and something everyone should be doing every single day. I definitely need to work harder at this! Although self-care may mean something different to each of us… The main “rule” is that you’re doing something that makes you feel as though you’re looking after yourself personally. Whether it’s a hot bath after a busy day a work, curling up with a good book before bed, or taking the dogs for a walk in the morning. Self-care is what you make it.

For more examples of ways you can practice self-care, you can visit this website here.

Ensure You’re Getting At Least 2 Litres Of Water A Day

Whilst it may not make you as happy as drinking wine does, drinking at least 2 litres of water every day is actually great for your body and your mind. If you struggle, try purchasing a water bottle that helps you track your water intake. Or (like me) dunk a herbal tea bag in your water – once it’s boiled of course!

Have At Least 7 Hours Sleep A Night

Your sleeping pattern makes a huge difference to both your mind and body… So make sure you’re getting 7 hours of sleep as often as you can. I won’t say every night, because I can’t remember when my kids last let me get this much sleep for more than two consecutive nights!

happier and healthier 2019 - woman in bed, asleep

Eat A Balanced Diet, But Allow Yourself Treats

Having a balanced diet is great, but allowing yourself treats is sometimes even more important. If you tell yourself that some food is bad and off limits, you may find yourself craving it more and more. Eat the doughnut, have a slice of cake and order that pizza. It’s not the end of the world! (As long as it’s in moderation, and you’re getting plenty of fruit and veg too).

Go For Regular Check-Ups

Your health is extremely important, so attending your regular check-ups is vital. Whether it’s to discuss mental health, contraception methods or your smear test…  Visits to the doctor are the best way to ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

For more information on sexual health, contraceptive methods and the combined contraceptive pill, you can visit the previously linked website. Remember to contact your doctor if you need any further advice.

Take The Time Out To Relax On A Daily Basis

Finally, above all else, make sure you make time for you. Whether that’s through meditation or just relaxing in the bath at the end of each day. You’ll really start to appreciate this time.

Are you looking to have a happier and healthier 2019? Let me know how in the comment section below!