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This or That Quiz – Get to know me better


It’s day 9 of Blogtober, and today’s prompt is Imagine. So it seemed only fair to share which I’d choose if I had to give up one thing or another. Read on for my answers to the This or That Quiz – And get to know me a little better.

Welcome to the this or that quiz! 

All good quizzes need rules, so here they are! Firstly, you get 3 passes. You can use passes to say “both” or “none”. That’s it. Go forth and enjoy my this or that quiz! 

Round One

1). Cookies or cake? Cake

2). Cat or dog? Dog

3). Computer games or video games? Oooh though one. I love both. 

4). Pop music or Rock music? Rock

5). Stuff animals or dolls? Another tough one. Stuffed animals.

6). Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes

7). Hot chocolate or coffee? Coffee

8). Morning or evening? Evening. 

9). Day or night? GAH! Day – just. 

10). Text message or call? TEXT TEXT TEXT 

11). Library or museums? Museum

12). French or Spanish? Spanish 

13). Summer or winter? Summer

14). Theatre or cinema? Theatre

15). Love or money? Love 

16). Book or movie? Book

17). Tea or coffee? Tea

18). Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate 

19). Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Neither really but if I have to choose… coke 

20). Rain or snow? Rain

Round Two

21). Car or motorcycle? Oooh toughie! I was obsessed by motorbikes as a kid (thanks to Grease 2). But I think on a safety / practicality level, cars wins now I’m a grown-up. 

confused woman doing This or That Quiz

22). Comedy or horror? Comedy

23). Hamburgers or hot dogs? I’m veggie, so Veggie Burger? 

24). Paper or plastic? Paper

25). Boat or plane? Plane

26). Painting or drawing? Drawing

27). Reading or writing? Reading – Writing is my job now so down time wins! 

28). Singing or dancing? Singing – I never stop! 

29). T-Shirts or sweaters? Sweaters

30). Flowers or trees? Trees – every time.

31). Phone or computer? Phone

32). Brown or black hair? BLACK! 

33). Superman or Batman? Batman – Heck, my kids are known as Batman and Robyn. 

34). Doctor Who or the Walking Dead? Dr Who. Not seen The Walking Dead.

35). Lions or Bears? Lions

36). Milk or juice? Juice

37). Gold or silver? Silver (or white gold).

38). 50’s or 80’s music? 50’s. My Mum was a huge Patsy Cline fan, and I’m a sucker for rock n roll. 

39). Google or Bing? Google

40). Frozen yogurt or ice cream? ICE CREAM! 

Round Three

41). Blue or green eyes? Mine are almost green. So Green lol. 

42). Witches or wizards? Wizards

43). Fire or ice? Fire

44). Straight or curly hair? Straight

45). Fruits or vegetables? Veggies

46). Burgers or tacos? Burgers

47). Roses or daisies? Daisies

48). Pandas or whales? Pandas

49). McDonald’s or Burger King? McDonalds

50). Books or magazines? Books

51). Circles or squares? Circles

52). Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup

53). Money or fame? Neither drives me, but one is necessary, so Money. 

54). Piercings or tattoos? I have neither these days. Piercings

55). Puzzles or board games? Board Games

56). Living room or bedroom? Bedroom (I’m lazy)

57). Sandals or sneakers? Trainers

58). Apples or oranges? Oranges 

59). Bagels or toast? Toast (with a mug of tea on the side, please)! 

60). Weird or crazy? Weird.

Round 4

woman looking confused after doing the This or That Quiz

61). Skates or bike? Bike

62). Go skiing or snowboarding? Neither lol. Can I just build a snowman?

63). Watch or play sports? Watch

64). Swim in a pool or in the sea? Sea

65). Sweet or salty? Sweet

66). Cars or trucks? Cars

67). Leather or lace? Lace

68). Steak or chicken? Still Veggie! So Chicken pre-slaughter please 😀

69). Alaska or Hawaii? Hawaii

70). Shower or tub? Bath every time! 

71). TV Shows or movies? TV shows

72). Breakfast or dinner? Tea 😉 

73). Bananas or apples? Bananas

74). Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

75). What’s up or Viber? Not got a clue what Viber is, so WhatsApp 

76). Mountains or beach? BEACH

77). Digital watch or analog? Analogue

78). Freedom or hope? Wow, this is deep. Hope? You can hope for freedom, then?

79). Alice in Wonderland or Robinson Crusoe? Alice In Wonderland

80). Snow White or Cinderella? Cinderella

Round 5

81). Sitting or standing? Sitting (still lazy)

82). Comedy or drama? Comedy

83). Being too warm or too cold? Warm

84). Pasta or pizza? PIZZA IS LIFE

85). Online shopping or in-person shopping? Online. Always

86). Writing poetry or reading poetry? Writing

87). Wild animals or domestic animals? Oh! This is far too hard! Domestic because my dogs save my sanity on a daily basis.

88). Family or friends? Family – Close friends are basically family anyway, right??

89). Scooby Doo or Tom and Jerry? Tom and Jerry

90). Spiring or Autumn (Fall)? Autumn

91). Chinese or Italian food? Italian

92). Dogs or cats? Dogs

93). Tea or Coffee? Tea

94). Lie in or early start? Lie in

95). Friends or couple holiday? Couple

96). Rich or Loved? Loved

97). Clean home or make memories? Make memories – always!

98). Jeans or a dress? Jeans

99). Pub / bar or club? Pub

100). Pie or Salad? Pie!

So there you have it – A little insight into how I tick! I hope you learnt a thing or three about me when reading my this or that quiz! Were there any surprises?

Feel free to copy and paste my this or that quiz, and do it yourself! Link back to me as the creator though 😀



Comments (2):

  1. Samantha Donnelly

    09/10/2020 at 3:37 pm

    Aww I love posts like this where you find out all the things that make you who you are

  2. Kim Carberry

    09/10/2020 at 7:08 pm

    Ohh! I do love these type of quizzes. What a fun read x


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