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Staying Safe On A Girls Holiday


Girls holidays are pretty much a right of passage. My first one was in May 2001, when myself and my two best friends headed off to Faliraki on a Club 18-30 holiday. I was 17 and a half at the time, and my friends had both turned 17 that week. We learnt a lot that week, and in the many girls holidays which followed. So today I am sharing some tips on staying safe on a girls holiday. Read on for some great ideas and suggestions.

Staying Safe On A Girls Holiday

As a group of 3 young girls, we definitely stood out in the crowd. I always looked a lot older than I was, but my two friends looked younger, if anything. So naturally, we got a lot of curious glances and attention from the groups of guys we inevitably met.

The first piece of advice is pretty obvious, but it needs saying nonetheless… DRINK IN MODERATION. I was terrible for drinking so much I’d lose my memory. Binge drinking was a huge part of my first girls holiday, and it’s not something I’d recommend. It was only when we’d got home from our holiday and one of my friends asked me how my rendezvous with the hot holiday rep was, that I realised how little memory I had of our first night.

staying safe on a girls holiday - 3 young women in bikinis drinking cocktails by the pool

I was lucky – anything could have happened to me. To my knowledge, it didn’t but that’s not to say you’ll be so lucky.

Watch Your Drinks

I discussed this recently, but it needs mentioning again. Don’t leave your drink unattended at any time, as it can easily be spiked. It’s not just drugs you need to watch out for either. When you’re on holiday, the measures are a lot bigger, and the cheap local spirits can affect you differently too. So pace yourself and drink water in between.

Remember Where You’re Staying

Again, this sounds so obvious, but you’d be surprised how difficult it can be to remember the name of your hotel after a few drinks. My friends and I always left our mobile phones in our hotel safe and just took out whatever money we wanted to spend each night. So it was old skool methods for us. I’d write it on a piece of paper and put it in my shoe so it wouldn’t get lost. (I usually took just a small coin purse out with me – no handbag. Another friend always put a note inside her purse (But she lost this note, often).

3 women in hotel room - staying safe on a girls holiday

Emergency Funds

It’s easy to get lost when you’re in a strange place. So make sure you have enough cash on you for emergencies. I carried one of these keyrings, with a spare €20 note inside, just in case. Additionally, I also made sure I had cash in the hotel safe, just in case.

Leave The Key At Reception

If you’re staying in a hotel, they usually offer a key holding service at reception. This is a great option for several reasons. Firstly, you don’t need to worry about losing the room key. Additionally, if one of your friends has the key, then gets lucky, you won’t be forced to sleep on a sun lounger when you get back to the hotel and realise you can’t get in. *Speaking from experience*

Finally, even if paying €50 to hire the safe for a week seems steep… pay it! It’s far cheaper than replacing lost mobile phones / passports / bank cards / cash will be.


Comments (2):

  1. Jenny Lord

    17/10/2020 at 1:46 pm

    So sad that this is a thing. We should be teaching men not to be dicks instead.

  2. Jupiter Hadley

    17/10/2020 at 7:51 pm

    Wow what great advice! I would have never thought of leaving my key at reception!


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